October 5th, 2021


Thunderstorm That Wasn't, Quest took all my blood

A fitful sleep, partly bladder foo but mostly was fasting for today's 9:10 am Quest lab tests. PCP gave me a pamphlet of orders, a complete baseline.

6 am could not get back to sleep so I pretended it was my normal wake-up time and did all the morning stuff. Breakfast was nothing because it was a fasting lab test.

Read news, caught up on FB (lots was in limbo during the outage). Official reports from third party monitoring said someone at FB erased the IP address which trusted routers used to find FB, and the fix required physical access to their servers, but the key cards to gain access ran on FB apps, so they were SOL until someone figured out a work-around. It ought to be easy to see from the server logs who should get fired, but FB is not talking about that yet.

9 am, arrived at Quest, they take people in on time or close to it. I think she filled 8 vials. I didn't really count.

Instead of going home, I went to Albertson's, needed fruit bowls, bananas, apple juice. Spent a lot on a variety of fruit juices - mango-coconut, mango-banana, strawberry-kiwi in addition to low-cal apple. Also got Klondike bars, house brand mint chip ice cream sandwiches, pineapple sherbet, mint chip ice cream and mini swirl cones. Banana nut muffins were on my list too. And snack cheese. Laughing Cow.

Home, put stuff away, made breakfast - banana & PNB with a side of apple juice.

Read the news, FB, Twitter, checked my stocks, checked that none of my credit cards were due. Fired up the laptop and ran all the updates. Also ran the Windows 11 health check and neither my laptop nor my main PC CPUs are supported. I could probably update the tower, but it looks like Win11 is all about gaming, touch screens and other drek I have no use for.

Lots of stuff on Tivo. 90 Day & its Pillow Talk, Hot Bench, Below Deck Med, in which a crew member is sent to the hospital with heart failure symptoms. PTI later in the day. Tony likes the Yankees Mike likes the Giants.

5-ish went to lie down and read but that turned into a nap. Jade crying woke me up so I went in to pet her. She has been playing with the toys and splitting time between the top of the tree and the floor. Spook was at the door when I came out. Spook has been at the door a lot. Meanwhile the gate is still stuck in Fedex Hell. Update: It's in Phoenix and expected here some time tomorrow.

Sipping on the Godiva dark chocolate liqueur. It's not very good - bitter and not chocolaty at all. It probably needs cream, which I don't have. While watching PTI I sipped some of the Cook's sparkling wine, it is very dry, gave me a little buzz after half a bottle. Next time I'll make a mock mimosa with Mango juice. 

Spook has been shoe cat, lap cat and side table cat today. And now that the toys are on the floor and not in the basket, she is finding her old favorites and playing with them. If it's a ball or a mouse she sits on it and kicks it across the room with her hind legs like a rabbit. Very weird.

Preparatory to the wider TV, I moved the tree from the livingroom back to its old spot in the front room, and moved the tall Infinity speakers a couple of feet away from the TV. The new TV is 56" wide, the new space is a few inches more than that. Also, the tall fan was moved and has better airflow to the recliner. Had to move the almost full 35 lb bag of kibble, not sure what to do with it now that I'm not feeding the cats. Actually, now that they can't get under the house I really don't have a problem feeding the raccoons as well. Hmm.

Next door neighbor's cat has been climbing inside the sage bush, hunting for birds. I hope there are no nests in there.

Refilled the hummingbird feeder.

50% chance of thunderstorms didn't materialize. Some drops of rain, a lot of wind.

Bird viewing preserve - it's finally cool enough.
Maybe drive to the souvenir shop on the Strip at Sahara.