October 8th, 2021


Seahawks flounder in bright 65" color

Apple & PNB breakfast, half a fruit bowl lunch because it was 3/4 watermelon. Salas and broccoli beef dinner.

BestBuy delivery truck was at the front gate exactly 1 pm, the beginning of the launch window. One guy tried to carry the TV up the ramp on his shoulder but ended up letting the other guy help. More the size of the box than the weight. They got it inside the house and propped up against the back of the recliner, which is where I wanted it.

Finished watching Married At First Sight and its Unfiltered episode on the Samsung 55". The production quality was not worth the new TV. Got out the Samsung remote and tried to do a factory reset but there wasn't one. I was only able to log out of my Samsung account and remove the wi-fi settings. Unplugged it - power, HDMI, optical audio cable and external antenna/booster. Lifted it off the console and parked it on the floor by the kitchen storage bins. It will go to Goodwill soon (6 years old, can't even find one on eBay to get a selling price).

BestBuy has a very well done video on how to unbox the TV, and it's surprisingly easy. Snip off the three plastic bands, slit the top tape, open the top and extract the accessories and the styrofoam bar they are in which also serves as packing material. Then, believe it or not, just lift the box off. This leaves the TV on a sturdy styrofoam base. Remove the side packing pieces and the big padded board protecting the screen. There is still a plastic wrap all around the TV.

The next step is to lay the TV face down on a soft surface to screw in the two stands (V-shaped legs). I thought I might have to pull out the bed from the sofabed, but the sofa turned out to be just the right width and depth as is.

Stand the TV on the floor with the screen facing out. Lift it from the bottom/sides and place it on the console.  Plugged in the power, HDMI, antenna and optical cable.

It came up looking brilliant. The diff between LED and QLED is clear. Sharper, better depth, brighter colors.**

Google Home had a problem getting it on my wi-fi network, but using the TV's settings it connected in seconds, and after a few minutes it showed up as a device on Google Home. I just had to move it into my home and the Livingroom on the app. And of course it had to update the TV's firmware and then update the Google bits. That all took about 20 minutes, then it offered to put all my Android apps onto the TV, which took an hour. That's a bonus I may get around to using some day.

Finally, after making sure I was getting a good signal from Tivo on HDMI 3, I had it scan for stations on the antenna. Another 20 minutes, because the tuner in this thing is superb. About 70 stations, compared to the Samsung's 30 or fewer. I scrolled through all of them and only 3 or 4 series had poor signals. There are far too many evangelist and shopping stations out here, and a lot of Spanish language. And one French.  Again, I may get around to using them some day, because for the most part cable on Tivo works better for me.

**Tuned into Thursday Night Football and was nearly blinded by the Seahawks neon green uniforms. Which got me into the settings, had to tone down brightness and saturation. The TV comes with those set a bit high, no doubt to give customers the feeling that the picture is better than it is. But the picture is excellent. Football is a pretty good test, lots of motion, all those bodies in the stands, etc. Too bad the Seahawks sucked. The crowd started out very loud, as usual, but tapered off by the 4th quarter.

Color balance is very good, so is white balance and blacks. I recorded Hunt For Red October from BBC America, which will be a good test of video. And I somehow have never seen it before.

Meanwhile, in cat news, Spook is doing it wrong. She is rarely by Jade's door, and when she is she parks out of sight, the same place she has always been. Jade continues to make a lot of crying noises, but she stops when I come in. I may call my vet tomorrow for advice. The gate works well. I changed her litterbox tonight, need to buy another cartridge and change Spook's tomorrow.

Got the correct address for the streaming company, printed a new prepaid priority main label and will send the headset back tomorrow.

Pride parade is tomorrow, but it's in North LV and doesn't start till 6 pm. So after the PO I think I will drive to the souvenir place on the strip. Unless the thunderstorms materialize.

I will probably hear from my PCP's office. The results of the latest tests show an E. Coli infection, which is not a surprise, and some other foo which is. But the hematology work looks successful, normal hematocrit and red blood cell count.

Have not heard back from the Florida contract rep. :-(

Missing the Bay Area a bit - many of my friends are back on stage. Have to look for community theater here.

TV addendumb

My home theater is controlled by a Logitech hub, which turns on/off the TV + A/V unit** + whatever device I want to play (Tivo, DVD player, Amazon Fire) so I had to remove the Samsung TV and add the TCL, but it's too new to be in their database, so I had to add it manually using the remote. It's working, but I also added the Roku version which is in their database, and will see if it's more seamless. I can turn the system on by voice through Google or Alexa.

One annoying thing the Samsung & TCL have in common: the power LED lights up when the TV is off. WTF?

**My Denon A/V unit is both an AM/FM receiver and a 6-port HDMI hub. It connects to a set of 5 Infiniti speakers (2 tall main units, a small center unit and two small surround sound units) plus a Sony sub-woofer. So all my devices play into it, and go to the TV on HDMI 3 and out the surround speakers.  


Another early morning Hgl low, Jade noises, Rain & wind

That new insulin continues to kick my butt. Injected the correct evening dose but woke up at 4:30 am with a low of 69. Put on a robe & slippers, grabbed two Klondike bars from the freezer and sat in front of the new TV to start watching The Hunt For Red October.  Recorded on Tivo with ad skip. Closed captions refused to appear, so I'm glad the audio engineering was great and most of the actors enunciated. It's not my kind of show, and I was disappointed in mediocre cinematography.  Underwater sequences were phoned in. But the cast was phenomenal. Paused it after half an hour because Hgl was up and after-low lag was starting so bedtime. The wind was blowing hard outside, but I don't think it was raining yet.

Out of bed by 11:30, Hgl high now.

Took drugs, read email, one more feeler from a LinkedIn contact about a local QA job. Read the news, then sat down to more Red October. Interrupted by a monsoon downpour, went outside and sat on the chair on the back landing to watch. Heavy rain falling straight down, despite the wind. The street stayed wet for an hour. Probably a few hundredths of an inch. I bet the sage bush will flower again tomorrow. Not enough rain to rejuvenate the cacti next to it.

Found a setting on the TV to have it always power up looking at HDMI 3.

And need to look online for what the remote's buttons do, they are not intuitive and the quick start guide doesn't mention them. There doesn't seem to be a volume control for the internal speakers. I also need to check on the AV receiver how to enable the optical out from the TV to the home theater speakers.

Outdoor Nevada looked good on the big screen. So did Hot Bench. The Graham Norton Show looked super.

Because of the rain I did not drive anywhere. And we had a cable service outage for a couple of hours.

Dinner was corn dogs and a pickle after the usual salad.

Jade was making a lot of crying noise, but she shifted to purring and "meep" when I went to visit and pet her. She is scared of the new open door/gate,  won't come to me when I stand outside it. She does go to the nearby food & water & uses the litterbox.

Petco delivered a cartridge so I swapped out Spook's litterbox. I did Jade's yesterday. Six more cartridges coming on the 13th - I like to change them every 2 weeks.

PO, drop off the 2nd try headset return
Maybe go to the souvenir store on the strip
Take the camera out for some iconic photos.
Tivo has Shark Tank and Penn & Teller