October 9th, 2021


I should be in bed

Banana breakfast, read some of the news (skipped local), drove to the PO and mailed the headset again. Priority mail rates went up between the two times. Long long wait in line because an entire family was hogging one clerk with their packages, all of them needed customs forms. And the next person in line had a stack of Christmas packages (USPS sells poinsettias themed boxes) which were all sealed and labeled but needed postage.

I had not brought my camera, I guess I decided not to go to the strip today, but cannot remember why.** Mailbox was all junk. Lots of medicare provider pimps.

Watched everything on my tivo. Set up the Harmony routines for the new TV, but it was only a partial success because it's not in their database and the remote is not compatible except for the power and home buttons, and the way to choose inputs is not supported - have to choose settings, scroll down to inputs and scroll the the desired input. Turns out the "always start on HDMI 3 " feature stops working if you switch to antenna.

RTFM helped me find the volume control (it's on the side, so is the mute button, but they are the wrong flavor of signal for the Harmony).

Spent some time on my knees behind the console untangling wires and confirming that yes, the optical cable I'd plugged into the TV went to the TV optical input on the AV receiver. So I now get surround sound when available from antenna input. It sounds best with the TV speakers muted.

In Jade news, she's crying as I type this. It seems to be her way of getting my attention. But when I take Spook to the vet for her shots I'll ask. Technically Jade is not due for a visit till April.

Did a dishwasher load and some laundry.

About an hour ago while I was online my eyes started going haywire, like a bad streaming event, and some stray meteors. Blood sugar does that, but it was normal, BP also was good. Put the laundry away, was going to hop into bed early but had meds to take, and while I was out may as well journal.

** remembered why. In last night's wind storm my American flag was blown off the wall, including the holder. So I needed to fix that.

Probably a bad choice because there's a home football game but it will be cool-ish, 80's, and it's supposed to rain Monday.