October 10th, 2021


Mission accomplished, 2-shot shot glasses aquired.

The Raiders game was starting at 1:30 so I probably should have waited, but after breakfast I hopped in the car and drove up Boulder Hwy to Sahara, and across to the biggest souvenir shop in the world, Bonanza, at the corner of Sahara & Las Vegas Blvd (the strip). In the shadow of the Stratosphere tower, which looks like a cheap copy of the Space Needle.

They have plenty of free parking, rare on the Strip. My goal was shot glasses which hold 2 shots, and locally themed Covid masks.

Walking in the not-main entrance, it was shot glass city. Hundreds of them, maybe thousands. All kinds of designs ranging from the welcome to LV sign to cannabis leaves to gambling themes (dice, chips, cards) to you name it. Some of them had humorous quips "I drink therefore I am...drunk", "instant a-hole, just add alcohol", etc.  But up front they were all either 1-shot, or demitasse coffee cups with handles.

Somewhat overwhelmed I walked to the main part of the store, hoping to find masks, but there were none. Socks, bandannas (I bought a green one), T's, hoodies, dream catchers, a wall full of day of the dead figurines, candy bars, but no masks.

Back to the small section, poking around near the cashier's stand in the back, the masks were poorly displayed on a pegboard, each one individually wrapped in a plastic pouch. In no particular order except the stars & stripes ones were in a group. I found a LV touristy one and put it in my basket.

And then I found what I was looking for, a few very pretty tall shot glasses, with subtle LV markings. Also found a pair of heart-shaped ones, and a pair of larger LV welcome sign fit in the palm of your hand glasses.

Got in line, it took a while because everyone had multiple items, and some folks were tag teaming. My cashier wrapped each piece of glassware individually in paper, did an efficient job of grouping same-price items, and I also bought a Bonanza branded shopping bag to put it all in. Spent a little under $100.

At the car I put that away and took out the Nikon to get photos of the tower and the store, and the amazing electronic sign on the Sahara (or was it The Sands?) and a couple of surrounding buildings. But it's way too long a walk to get to the iconic hotels, so I settled for the dash cam recording as I drove from Sahara to Tropicana. I posted that on FB. https://www.facebook.com/how3ird/videos/1468466880214136
It's about 13 minutes, with a few very long traffic light stops and a lot of idiot Las Vegas drivers. Street signs are horribly small and poorly placed, so even drivers familiar with the place sometimes find themselves cutting across three lanes of traffic to get to a left turn lane. And some drivers don't know Rule #1 - the other lane always moves faster. and Rule #2 - if you change lanes, see Rule #1.

Took Tropicana all the way to my local Starbucks, which is still closed for sit-inside, but they have a drive-thru and a walk-up window, so I was able to do what the pandemic prevented, and buy a Starbucks Las Vegas coffee mug. The design is kind of fru-fru, but it has replaced my 2nd Seattle mug as the place to hold my reading glasses and sight savers. It has a bright orange lining, so there's that.

Home, hydrated and recovered from the long drive by watching the Raiders totally blow it against Da Bears. In brilliant QLED color. Using the 30-second skip between Raiders plays, FF for Chicago. And a lot of muting the announcers. They never shut up. Some day they will realize it's TV and not radio. No, they won't. :-(

On FB I have been creating Vax memes:

I hope it helps.

Jade and Spook continue to mostly ignore each other and stay away from The Gate.

The car was down to 19% charge so I plugged it in and ordered KFC delivered. That's good for several meals, and usually some chicken soup, now that it is getting cooler.

This morning I changed the Nest thermostat from Cool to Heat & Cool, and ran the furnace for a couple of minutes. Amazing how chilly 70° feels. That was indoors, this house stays warm no matter the temp outside (56).

Ran a dishwasher session for the new glassware, including the Sani Clean cycle.

There is a major wind warning for tomorrow, so putting out the garbage bins will have to play by ear. Have to wait a week to put out the TV and gate boxes for bulk pickup.

Delivered was the BP meter I ordered from Omron, but it is a FAIL. Despite what it said on their web page, it does not have bluetooth or any kind of wireless connectivity so it doesn't communicate with their app. And it has the same stupid hard cuff the last two meters had.

Went on Amazon, and ordered another one of the kind I bought in 2019. Also bought a couple of masks.

Watched all the available football games. The KC-Bills game is on pause somewhere in the 4th quarter. Bills are clobbering Mahomes.

Garbage Day
MNF at home
BASFA, maybe
Call PCP office about the E. Coli thing.
Arrange for an estimate on some small house projects. Across the street neighbor's vehicles are wider than mine, but fit in their driveway with a standard width set of steps. But their driveway may be wider.

I'm tempted to bring Spook into Jade's room to see how well the pheromones worked.