October 11th, 2021


Windy Day

Up at 3 am with slightly low blood sugar. consumed too much Turkey Farms mint chip ice cream, watched 90 Day Fiance The Other Way which was a cavalcade of men sabotaging their relationships. And one woman tempting fate in that regard. We'll see next week which way she decides.

Back to bed in an hour, only one bathroom trip needed before the alarm.

Got dressed, took out the garbage and rolled the bins to the curb, then went back to sleep till 10.

Breakfast was an apple peeled and cut up with a dollop of PNB. And apple juice.

The wind has been howling all day, sometimes like a freight train, sometimes it sounds like the carport and porch roofs are comming apart. I brought the flags inside, the USA flag had ripped off the lower ring. No rain has reached the ground, but they expect some tomorrow.

Watched the pillow talk which went with 90 day. Nothing else on Tivo except Hot Bench, so I went to the PC and played some YouTube videos when I remembered the new TV has a youtube button. Found a bunch of music videos, the search routine is iffy, and audio was too until I remembered the AV receiver had a surround sound setting. After that audio from the TV was superb.

PTI, then the Ravens game, paused for the BASFA zoom meeting.

Added water to the aquarium and watched the fish for a while. Spook joined me for a bit but was peeved that there was no space on the side table for her (I've dumped some of the TV packing on there).

Ravens were getting beat bad by the Colts, so I just let the game run on the TV while I searched for a new Medicare plan (open enrollment starts soon). I think I found one but need to call to get some answers about supplies which they don't mention on the web site.

Called my PCP earlier in the day asking for a callback about test strips and e. coli treatment and got a totally wrong answer on test strips and no answer on e. coli. Seriously need to change plans.

Left a message for the mobile home repair people, he texted that he would phone tomorrow.

Lunch was fruit & cheese

Dinner was KFC cole slaw and 2 pieces of chicken. And pineapple sherbet. Something about that combo made my tummy unhappy for a short time.

Below Deck and a few more Tivo offerings.