October 12th, 2021


Briefly 'cause I am sleepy

Banana-PNB breakfast after a good sleep with Spook splayed out next to me until about 6 am. Jade was not interested in petting, just food. She is no longer crying.

Delivered: Omron BP meter, works great. BP is normal, phone app is quick & easy. They removed a stupid extra step to see history.
Masks: black cat face & hummingbird
Flag pole rings (will wait for the wind to die down before installing them)

Strong winds all day, but less than the hurricane force ones of yesterday. Air quality went from >500 yesterday to 40 today. What looked like rain on radar yesterday was dust.

Read the news, won at solitaire lost at tile matching (the final two tiles were on top of each other)

Below Deck Med, Hot Bench, PTI, 90 Day Single and its Pillow Talk on tivo. Watched the first period of the Vegas-Seattle hockey game. Seattle has the organization but not the accuracy, Vegas blundered into 2 goals.

Call from mobile home company, they will be out here the 19th to look at what I want done.
Call from PCP office, the admin Just Doesn't Get It. I may have to drive there in person tomorrow.

Phone call to United Health Care, the rep knew nothing. Lots of screen time and an online chat confirmed they use the brands I want. Nearest PCP is a woman MD whose office is in the Walgreen's where I got my Covid shots.

Spook to the vet for her shots
I should vacuum the livingroom rug