October 15th, 2021


Watched some Tivo, made an impression again at the dentist's

Apple and PNB breakfast after a better than average sleep with Spook on the bed until I got in the shower. She's still a bit out of it from the shots.

Married At First Sight was painful, one on one visits with the "experts" who paired them, Rev. Cal giving bad advice and false hopes. He hates to see most of his matches are mis-matched. It pushed two couples which were borderline over the edge. Two of the couples will probably say "yes" on Decision Day, but they won't last much past that. One because the husband is very controlling and has a nasty temper which can be triggered by minor things. The other because the wife wants to live well beyond her husband's means, and she seems to be saving herself for her next marriage.

NOVA made me cringe a little - it was about a massive international research camp on an ice floe near the North Pole. They were doing climate-change related research, and they thought they were the first ever to do this. But my dad had been data manager for a similar, smaller project for 7 years in the late 60's-early 70's. AIDJEX, Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment. I have his home movies shot on an ice floe 200 miles from the Pole. His job was to gather and coordinate data from scientists from several countries, before there were standards for data mining. It was based at the University of Washington. The NOVA program made no mention of it.

Not sure what I had for lunch but string cheese and snickers were involved.

3 pm dentist appointment was quick, the metal part of the partial arrived with wax sections which had to be bitten on, and glued in place. The next step will have teeth. Considering how long it took to get this piece from the lab, I don't expect to get the call for a month.

Car wash on the way home - the wind storm blew dust all over my car.

 In the mailbox was a pair of suspenders from Amazon, the certified letter with my 2022 rent increase (I got the uncertified one a couple of weeks ago) and a postcard inviting me to attend a session to learn about a medicare advantage plan from a new provider named Scan. I gave them a call, the rep was unable to tell me if they cover my test strips. Found their web page and the full reveal document, and not only do they not cover my brand of test strips, the only meters they support are from the middle ages. No BT, no app, they provide a log book for you to write in. That's a deal-breaker.

Got a phone call from a woman who had a crush on me when she was a senior in high school and I was the local paper's news editor. Her dad was the drama coach and art teacher in the high school in the next town. She had a bizarre dream about me last night. And we talked for more than an hour catching up. She lives in the Republican side of WA State and is anti-mandate. Sigh.

Watched Tom Brady stomp on the Eagles. Did not watch the baseball Giants get the final game stolen from them by a bad call.

Dinner was a salad and KFC. The last of the sides, but there is still chicken in the freezer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Openly enroll
Make a Goodwill run - two bags of clothes and bedding and we'll see if I can fit the 55" TV in the car. I think I can with the back seats down. Will bring them the LPs some other time
Groc shopping