November 1st, 2021


Football, but not much else

Today was Spook's 8th birthday. That's 48 in cat years. She was all over the place. Part of the night in bed with me, and also under the bed, in front of Jade Gate, amongst the toys in the livingroom, on the porch lookout tower, playing with the fuzzy balls on the front room tree. Her timing was a little bit off, both times she showed up to be on my lap were when I had to go to the loo. And she wanted the litterbox while I was doing laundry.

Jade has been less vocal today. And she has been by the gate a couple of times, meowing at me. She has started hiding inside a piece of cat furniture which has been in her room forever, it just needed to be moved and pointed toward the door. While I was in there I finally snapped the neck and lumbar pillows onto the gaming chair which is also my piano chair. It was not intuitive, force was needed.

Football on TV was a surprise win for the 49ers, and a surprise definitive win by NOLA against Tom Brady, whom they crushed. Collapse ) I see the Seahawks crushed the Jaguars, the game wasn't shown here.

Spent a lot of time on Twitter being frustrated because the reality shows I follow there are broadcast 3 hours ahead of here in eastern and central time. I'll watch those shows tomorrow, but I'm full of spoilers..

Tomorrow morning is bulk trash collection, I hauled a lot of stuff out. Boxes and cold packs from Mom's Meals, the box the microwave came in, and I put the broken microwave on a small office chair and wheeled that out. A larger office chair which had no home is now in front of the roll-top desk in the front room. There was also a large Amazon box, I forget what had been delivered in it.

The dishwasher got the Mom's Meals trays clean enough to recycle.

Watched one Vets on the Beach episode, there's a second one on the same tivo recording. Doctor Who has started up again. Very happy to see Yaz as companion, but miss Graham and Ryan. And again am totally unimpressed with Jodi as The Doctor. Part of it is the writing - instead of fixing the TARDIS she whacks it with a small sledge hammer. In random places. With no visible results (we have to take it on faith it's working now). But she also is at the top of her lungs a lot for The Doctor. The special effects are impressive at first, but then the same ones are used over and over again. This was the Halloween episode, but very little was made of the holiday other than lip service. I'm more looking forward to the next Doctor than the rest of Jodi's tenure.

Breakfast was another colby omelet with French toast fingers and a sausage. I ran out of syrup. Lunch was a disaster - beef taco filling, but I ditched the soft tacos, and they totally nailed the flavor and smell of bad American-Mexican food. Most of it went down the drain. Dinner, though, was a delicious meatballs in marinade on a whole wheat bun with a side of apple crisp. During the NOLA game, to recover from the tummy foo, I made a coke float with vanilla frozen yogurt and then a refill with coffee ice cream. Did the trick.

In other news, back on Lantus and Novalog, my blood sugars are back to reasonable.

For a change all the dishes and clothes have been put away.

Take out all the garbage and recycleds
Ultrasound of my kidneys 1:40 pm at Desert Radiology. Need to start drinking 6 glasses of water 2 hours prior.
BASFA, probably.



The instructions said to drink 6 glasses of water during the 2 hours before the procedure. Procedure wasn't till 1:40, so first breakfast of banana & PNB, then watch some Vets on the Beach and at 11:40 start to sip water while watching 90 Day The Other Way, parts of which were disgusting.

Headed for Desert Radiology at 1, got there at 1:30, didn't get into the ultrasound room until after 2. The tech was very good and sympathetic, recognized that I had to pee really badly. Except for some reason I didn't, despite the load of water in me.

The whole thing took about an hour. I suppose I'll get results from my PCP in a week or so. If I'm lucky they may be done by my urologist appointment Friday, but I doubt it.

Home, put the garbage bins away. As usual the load of bulk trash was gone without a trace before I was awake.

Moved the webcam back to the inside wall so I can see if Spook is in front of Jade Gate, and it also has a view of the porch perch.


Watched KC win a game they should have lost. Ditto Dallas.

BASFA meeting is starting to plan for in-person weekly dinner meetings again, possibly with a Zoom presence. Looks like they will be at the Milpitas Denny's.

Ordered dinner from Red Lobster. Bowl of clam chowder was more like a cup. Delish though. Snow crab legs were awfully small but enough to share some with Spook. Crab and lobster are the only human  food she will eat. Love the biscuits, ate 2 and put the rest in the freezer. Key lime pie was awful. Ate the graham cracker crust and flushed down the rest. Bacon wrapped scallops and garlic shrimp skewer in the fridge for later.

Jade has been quiet. And curious. Spook has been playing with all the toys, and loves the new fake fur rug.

9:30 appointment to get the stitches removed
Below Deck
90 Day Single Life Tell-all