November 3rd, 2021


Stitches are out, looks like my pirate makeup work

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The stitches had scabbed over, because the work was pretty shabby. The nurse cleaned it off before taking them out. My appointment was for 9 am, I had to bust my buns to get there on time because I thought it was for 9:30 and I don't wake up till 8. It's a 20-minute drive.

Walked into the place at 8:55 but the line moved very slowly, even with 4 receptionists. Got checked in about 9:10 and sat in the lobby till 9:30 before the nurse called me in. And then when I told her we're not doing it without numbing the area she left and in came Jimmy the PA to whom I said the same thing. And when I pointed out the spot on my forehead they missed the last time, he sprayed it with nitrogen. Nurse returned, looking  for a topical anesthetic, and not finding any resorted to a can of freeze (not nitrogen, just some cold sports spray). It worked well enough, there was minimal pain as she removed the stitches. Part of it is unlike the previous nurse, she mostly cut them instead of plucking them.

Polysporin and a band aid and I was done, out by a little after 10.

Car wash on the way home.

Got the mail, but it was all junk.

The hall cam had stopped working, so when I went into the shed to get the cat carrier I also got a replacement power supply. I've had those go bad a lot in the past on these Foscam cameras.

I put the carrier in Jade's room, opened it up, and she ignored the wet food I'd brought and curled up in the carrier. Vet appointment is not till next week.

Watched Below Deck, it was great to see Capt. Lee take over from the amateur. He was late because his Afib got bad enough to need surgery. I was not aware that was an option (mine is controlled by a pill).  The deck crew appears to be a great team but the interior is not. 3rd stew only wants to do laundry,  2nd stew is a man who is under the illusion he is a master at housekeeping yet he leaves trash bags on sofas and shorts the primary on towels. Chief stew needs to pay more attention to her staff. So far the batshit crazy chef has kept it civil, partly by not soaking in alcohol. It looks like two of the deck crew are hooking up.

Watched PTI  and kept an eye on the score of the World Series game from time to time. Glad the Astros lost.

90 Day Single Life tell-all was a mess. Part 2 promises to be messier.

Ate a Mom's meal for dinner - turkey and rice soup and apple chunks dessert. But that left me wanting Sonic shakes, so I ordered 8 drinks and drove to the local Sonic. It took 15 minutes for them to come out with the stuff, and there were only 6 drinks. She said something about them being out of something but it didn't make sense. Had the Mocha Blast for dessert, but it took a while because they pack that ice cream in solid, and the cup is very insulated. By the end of the Henry Gates Roots show with Lewis Black and Roy Wood Jr., it was edible with the long spoon. The mocha chips tasted burnt. Lewis got a ton of ancestral history which he had not known about, including what his surname was originally. Blach or Blech. Not Schwartz. Roy expected a lot of surprises about his very famous father, but got none of that, instead learned that a chunk of his family was owned by a planter named Wood, and there is a record of one of them coming from Africa as a toddler.

The Bachelorette took more turns in the right direction with a couple of fun group dates which did not include doing disgusting things with food, a one on one date which had FAIL written all over it at first but the guy really came through and got a rose. The house figured out who had tried to throw them under the bus by telling Michelle lies, and they called him out. Michelle sent him home. And the final rose went to Lil' Will, not narcissistic Pizza Boy whose ass he beat in the group date. It looks like all the remaining bachelors are there for the right reason, and maybe there will be normal cocktail parties from now on.

Tomorrow I may be lazy or I may drive to Hemenway Valley Park to see/photograph the big horn sheep and the view of Lake Mead.

Stayed up too late, so impulsive shopping trip today, photo trip tomorrow

Was up till after 1 writing LJ after watching The Bachelorette. More trips to the loo than usual, Spook was on and off the bed, and Jade has this new thing where she comes to the gate when I'm in the loo, but runs away and meows at me when I open it. She doesn't run far and she's up for being petted if I do come in and sit down.

Got up around 9:30. Overnight Hgl is much better now, on Lantus.

I had ordered soy sauce and wasabi on Amazon, but canceled them because slow delivery. Polysporin too. So after breakfast and online stuff I went to Walgreen's for polysporin and on sale halloween sized snickers, then to 99 Ranch for wasabi, low sodium soy sauce, a couple of cans of Thai iced tea, a lot of lamyay (on sale for $4 a bag), and huge pieces of ginger, but roast duck was way expensive, as was live crab ($20/lb) and lobster ($16/lb). It's been a while since I've been out there.

Urologist's office called, they canceled my Friday appointment, rescheduled for a month from today. Grrr.

Watched PTI and did some channel surfing. Also played on Twitter since there was a lot of Bachelorette stuff to talk about. And the Ruggs disaster. I cannot believe they let him out on bail. Maybe they think since his car was totaled and set on fire he isn't a flight risk. Nevada DUI penalties are light, even for causing death. Civil may be a different story.

Mom's meal chicken teriyaki dinner was good. pistachio/almond ice cream dessert.

About 7 pm the dentist office called. Time for the next step in the partial process. Will go Friday afternoon.

Charging the car. One reason I didn't do the photo trip today is I was nervous about how many miles of battery charge I had compared to the at least 60 miles RT.


Unplug the car
grab the camera & extra batteries & ice water
Drive to Hemenway Valley Park and hope to get calendar quality photos of big horn sheep and the view of a severely dry Lake Mead.