November 5th, 2021


Ramalama ding dong

Before I could heat up the pancake breakfast I needed to find my little syrup server, which was way at the back of the top shelf and getting it caused a rain of small bottles. But I managed to pour the three tubes of syrup into it. Mom's Meals FAIL is they put about 3 meals worth of syrup into a single un-closable tube.

Two small whole wheat pancakes and a wafer of scrambled egg on one side, apple cobbler on the other. Not bad.

After internetting it was time to grab the Nikon and a couple of batteries, and put a cold pack in a bag with mini snickers and a banana, and grab my bottle of ice water. Punched Hemenway Valley Park into the GPS expecting it to take me straight to Boulder City, but instead it took me to the Lake Mead Recreation area, which I have a pass for, and drive entirely through it to the park, which is on the edge of Boulder City. Very scenic, but kind of scary. Not much traffic, so I was able to do 5 mph below the speed limit for most of it. I had taken most of this drive last year, looking for Lake Mead boat ramp which I never found.

The hype did not lie, the park has big horn sheep wandering around, grazing, ignoring the tourists. I'm not sure if I got a calendar shot, but maybe.

The full set is here.

On the way back, also through the rec area, I stopped off at Sunset Viewpoint, which I had missed last time, and took a lot of pix. This one may be on the calendar (I like the beach umbrella in the middle of nowhere):

And I love the geology of this one:

Full set is here.  

The drive was only about an hour each way. 54 miles round trip. 77% charge left of the 100% charged the night before. Next time I'm out that way will be for Hoover Dam and maybe the Veteran's park fishing pond in Boulder City, which I tried to get to last year in my 2019 Leaf, but the battery was defective and told me I did not have enough charge. At 55mph it indicated it was draining fast. 2021 car has longer range and a working battery.

Processed the photos, spent some time with Jade who now comes to the gate most of the times the light goes on in my bedroom, but she runs to the back of the room when I open the gate. One cute thing is she likes relaxing in the carrier, which will make it easier next week to bring her to the vet. She needs a checkup, the rescue place did not give much info on her and I suspect she wasn't really ready to be adopted. Her foster lied about some things.

Got a letter from my PCP saying Humana refused the phlebotomy treatments so I called to cancel the remaining sessions.

On Tivo, PTI said nice things about Buster Posey, and some not nice things about Aaron Rodgers. And nothing about Henry Ruggs III. Married At First Sight was the final episode before Decision Day. That's the first day the couples can bail on the show by asking for a divorce. The clips were edited for maximum obfuscation of each person's intent. I do not think any of the couples should stay married. Regardless, most of them will stay friends - it's a close-knit group mostly thanks to the horrible job the matchmakers did at matching them and counseling/coercing them. That episode was followed by a very interesting conversation with five still-married couples from other seasons who had been following this one, discussing the chances of this season's couples saying yes on decision day. None of the couples got yes votes from everyone.

It's too late to watch the NFL game, it's cued up for later.

Delivered: large Vanity Fair napkins & 3 tubes of wasabi which I thought I'd canceled but apparently was not in time.

Dentist at 2:30
Maybe in the morning Galleria Mall in search of a stuffed panda. The one from Amazon which claimed it was 23" was actually 8" head to bottom. 23" from head to the feet, but it's in a sitting position.