November 6th, 2021


This time with teeth

Banana malt for breakfast made from vanilla [FAIL] Sonic shake, banana & malted milk powder. Watched most of the Jets/Colts game, but Tivo stopped recording before the 4th quarter. I see the Jets lost after a valiant attempt at a comeback.

2:30 dentist appointment, the partial is still wax, but now has teeth. Final fitting, I'm not 100% pleased - it seems to be too small, pushing my real teeth together. Signed off on it, dentist says he'll adjust the bite a little. Who knows how long it will take the lab to make the final one.

From there to the Galleria mall, to see if Build A Bear had a panda in my size. Nope, this particular branch is a joke - they only have toddler sized toys. Checked a few toy stores, no luck, though the manager at one place looked online for other stores. Ikea may have one. And Walmart.

Home, someone was blocking the mailboxes so I need to check tomorrow.

Internetted, only PTI and Outdoor Nevada on Tivo.

Prime Video wants $$ for season 2 episode 4 of The Equalizer. Took a while but found a freebie, The Lost City of Z. It's long.

What to do witch all that wasabi? Ordered two prime ribs from Outback. Finished most of one for dinner, more tomorrow.

Jade meowed at the gate so I let her out. She cautiously came into the hallway and nosed under the guest bathroom door, then into the bedroom but when I followed her in there she ran like lightning back into her room and hid. Meanwhile Spook likes the little stuffed panda I tossed onto the sofa and has been curled up near it.

Southern Nevada Gem & Mineral Society parking lot sale in Henderson.
Maybe Ethel M on the way back
College football
Graham Norton
Penn & Teller
Shark Tank
Gold Rush
90 Day Pillow Talk
(?) if it's not the spinoff

Rocks & chocolates

Used the syrup pourer on the waffles & omelet breakfast.  Out of bed way late, because up too late & too many trips to the john.

Drove out to Green Valley for the southern nevada gem & rock society parking lot sale. About a dozen tables set up, all with a variety of rocks. Most of these people have professional rock slicing and polishing gear, a few only do beading or wire wrap jewelry. I did not find a crystalline geode, but there were a lot of slices. Bought what was labeled as squid fossils, but research later showed them to be common cephalopod fossils, tumble polished. Nice, may send them to the squid doctor in BC. Also bought a slice of nautilus fossil, but somehow it broke.

Ethel M factory was on the way home, I stopped off and watched a little as heart-shaped boxes were being stuffed with chocolates. Usually the factory lines are closed on weekends. Bought a custom box of 40 items, 6 each of 4 kinds of liqueur-cream-filled dark chocolates.

Home, had to wait for the dishwasher to finish before I could make lunch. Needed the blender. Vanilla shake, 2 bananas, some malted milk. 

While I was waiting it was news time on the internet. The Navy launched a ship named for Harvey Milk, who had been in the Navy until being gay forced him out.

Lunchtime, lots on tivo: Gold Rush was a long epic series of episodes, by rights it should have been three separate programs. Four of the five mining outfits had the owners' children working heavy equipment.
Shark Tank had a couple of non-intuitive outcomes. A woman with an MBA and marketing experience invented a very simple laundry device, and she accepted Kevin's financially better offer over Laurie's overpriced appeal to women's solidarity. Damian accepted a counter offer from a 15-year-old with a million dollars in sales who really did not need a shark or the $$.

90 Day The Other Way teaser highlight was Sumit's dad bringing in the family astrologer, who looks too young to have been in that role for 30 years. Without doing any actual astrology, this guy defused the troubles between Jenny and Sumit's parents by simply telling his mom that her dream of training Jenny to be the ideal Indian wife/slave was not her destiny, and Jenny & Sumit's relationship is none of her business. Mom cried, but Dad said she will come around. Meanwhile, Ari's mom is poking her nose in too deep, going to Mombasa with Ari and Avi and hoping Bini joins them there. Ari doesn't get it that she deserted Bini, so he's stopped being her facetime slave. She also does not seem to understand the time diff between New Jersey and Ethiopia.

I let Jade out again, but she is way nervous about it and prefers her room. Part of the problem is Spook is out of sight.

I changed both litterboxes.

Too late to watch Graham Norton. Tomorrow.

Dinner was more prime rib. Some leftover regular from yesterday, some Outback rub. Their horseradish sauce was weak, wasabi worked better butCollapse )

Turn back the non-internet clocks.
Laundry - shirts