November 7th, 2021


The last bit of egg nog

I should have dumped it. Upset my tummy after dinner.

Raiders should have won by 3 touchdowns, but their receivers didn't live up to the name.

Ravens won in OT in a very close game.

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Graham Norton was a bit meh, including the Obama/Springsteen interview. No big red chair. :-(

Doctor Who was written by someone on a lot of drugs. Costumes ditto. Though I love the look they gave Azure and Swarm. Part costume, part stage makeup, part Prosthetic makeup.

Took out the garbage bins.

Did a load of shirts & hung them up except the Hawaiian ones need to be ironed.

Depends on how I feel.
Plan A: park at MGM Grand, take the monorail to the end and back. Get pix of NY, NY, Bellagio fountains, sights on the Strip.