November 9th, 2021


Vegas Strip Trip

My phone claimed I had done 6,000 steps yesterday, and a lot of that was torture. The plan was to park at MGM Grand (check) because they give 4 hours credit for locals. But when I got there, the ticket system was down for a major upgrade, so parking was free. It took me a while trying to get the machine to dispense a ticket before I noticed the gates were open.

It was a long walk to the monorail, and once there the machine would not bring up the ticket on my phone. It kept saying I needed a wi-fi connection, but there was no service there. Turnd OFF wi-fi and got it on 5G. I expected a bar code, but it just wanted the phone held against it for NFC. That worked.

The ride to the end of the line at Sahara was very bumpy, not at all the smooth ride I expected from a fairly new monorail.  Waited for the next car, about 10 minutes, and got off as planned at Bally's, the closest stop to Bellagio. Very long walk through Bally's and Paris to the strip. Arrived at about 2:30, looked on the web site and saw the fountain shows were hourly starting at 3. People-watching was excellent.
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The first fountain set was the Star Spangled Banner, with scratchy singing and some sound effects. It was okay for daylight. I need to go back after dark.
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My goal was to get photos of the Statue of Liberty, a long walk south (across from MGM Grand). The walk was made even longer by there not being a through pedestrian path on the Strip. You have to go into casinos or malls and find the escalator to the skybridge, walk across that to the next casino (or mall) and find the escalator down to street level. Over and over again. Good for the casinos, better for taxis and Uber.
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The full set of 190 or so photos is here.

Got home and processed the photos, many sore muscles and Las Vegas made me dirty - had to wash my face. I wore a mask for most of the trip.

90 Day Single Life Tell-All took up most of my Tivo time, and I also made it to the BASFA zoom meeting. Did not even watch MNF.



Today's highlight was taking Jade to the vet. 3:20 pm appointment, I thought it would be easy to get her in the carrier, which has been in her room all week and she sometimes relaxes in it.

No such luck.

She is very fast, and did not want to go into the carrier. I chased her around the room until she hid behind the photos in her old hidey hole on the storage rack. I removed some albums and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, but she had her claws in the rack's base and turned her head and bit my thumb.

Round 2, she zoomed past me, leaped up to the top of the gate, and then over into the hall. When she found the bathroom door closed she went into the bedroom looking to hide under the bed. But Spook was under the bed and helped me chase her into the livingroom. For the next 20 minutes Jade sped between all her favorite hiding spaces. I put on leather gloves and almost extracted her from the hole in the cat platform, but she got away. Blame an awkward angle. 

Just as I was about to call to cancel the appointment, she hid behind the little freezer, I put the carrier opening facing her escape path, prodded her with my grabber tool and she ran straight into the carrier and let me zip it closed.

Got to the vet's about 5 minutes late, but no worries because the doctor was 2 patients behind. 3:20 appointment, was seen by the vet about an hour later.

But she spent a lot of time with me, getting Jade's history, watching the videos from the Ring cameras and spraying the area around Jade with a more potent version of the pheromones I've been using. Jade stayed calm the whole session, which surprised me.

Jade's vet visit confirmed several of my suspicions:
- She is only about a year old
- She weighs just under 7 lbs now, so no way was she 6 lbs when I adopted her in late June
- From looking at the videos, the vet said Spook was in full "play with me" mode, and took Jade's rude vocalizations as "game on!" The fact that Spook came back to the cat tree after Jade ran away shows Spook wanted to play some more, not fight.

I now have a supply of sedative powder capsules to pour on Jade's tube food prior to clipping her nails or taking her to the vet. And something to help her be more friendly is coming from the compounding pharmacy.

Jade's nails were trimmed. Front and back paws. Yay!

One surprise is Jade is in good health, nothing physical is making her so paranoid, just that she has had a tough life.

Watched part 2 of 90 Day Tell-All which also had a premier of next season's Pillow Talk. 3 Hours.
Also saw some Vets on the Beach.

Lots of Tivo to catch up on
Plan a return Vegas trip