November 10th, 2021


Nothing happened today

Chicken & waffle breakfast, meatball sandwich lunch with extra Swiss. Dinner soon, maybe.

Cleaned the cat bite, she got both sides of my finger. Rinsed with peroxide, applied iodine and polysporin and wrapped it in gauze and taped it in place.**

Did my online stuff, ordered a few things from Petco. Symptom of the supply chain broken - there is no indoor canned Friskies chicken or turkey cat food to be had anywhere.

Finished watching Vets on the Beach. WTF of the week - why are they raising koalas at the reptile park?

Watched Below Deck. It was awful. The guests drank constantly. At least they liked the food. The stews were busier eavesdropping on the guest drama than they were doing their jobs. The deck crew is starting to shape up. Chef Rachel so far has stayed away from alcohol. Let's see if that continues through the parties after the charter.

Henry Gates had John Lithgow on his Roots program, and dug up some fascinating ancestors. About 8 came over on the Mayflower. One of them became the mayor, re-elected 30 times. Also on the show was a Mexican-American journalist, whose ancestry was pretty dark - one was a conquistador with close ties to the king of Spain, who founded the Mexican city of Monterey, committing genocide in the process.

Jade is still wary of me. Spook has been hanging out by her gate a lot too.

Took a lie-down, did some reading, listened to the Fire Dept. scanner and heard a mobile home fire. The guy wearing the air tank said he found one person and three animals. It sounded like he had rescued them. But apparently not.

Got the mail because Amazon sent a 5-lb sack of gardening lime to my mailbox. It was in a storage locker. The mailbox was crammed with medicare ads, and a huge tome from Humana with all their 2022 doctors and such. That's the 2nd time they sent it. I'm not enrolled in Humana for 2022, so it gets recycled.

Tonight's entertainment will be The Bachelorette.

Cat treat packets because I'll run out before Amazon subscriptions are delivered
Gardening lime, protective gloves and eye protection.

Researched Dell computers because next week is their Black Friday sale. But what I really want to do is see if the Geek Squad can upgrade my PC keeping the 8 TB hard drive and the 512GB SSD drive C and my bluray DVD burner. I want a Gen 9 Intel CPU, 16 or 32 GB of fast RAM, an HDMI-capable graphics card and built in USB 3 ports.

Jade poop sample to the vet
**Me to Urgent Care to have the cat bite looked at. Bites get infected easily.
Married At First Sight  "Decision Day"
Pour lime on the dog poop behind the house so I can have the air conditioner maintenance done