November 12th, 2021


It's infectious

Last night Jade was kind enough to poop while I was watching on the meowcam, so I harvested some and this morning took it to the vet for analysis.

Next stop in the Jade parade was urgent care clinic down by Sunset Station, near Cox cable. They had a very through first timer check-in process on a tablet, lots of initialing and signing. Co-pay was only $10. There were quite a few people in the waiting room, and not a lot of patients leaving from inside the clinic. The time when I checked in was 11:11 on 11/11, an hour later the ADHD boy and his mom were still waiting. Soon more people were called inside, and I heard the receptionist tell an elderly couple to go home and wait, come back in 3 hours.

After 2 hours I asked if I had been forgotten and then she tells me it's a 2-3-hour wait. The name of the clinic is "Quick". Yeah, right. Just then, 2:30, I am called in.

A male nurse goes over the usual prelims, then is called away to sub for the charge nurse, and a different male nurse takes over. The female doctor shows up, takes a look at the wounds, prods them to drain some pus and tells me she will prescribe some pills, and the new nurse will give me a shot to boost things along It goes in my behind.  He says to sit still for 20 minute in case there is a reaction. He also wraps the wounds. Doctor comes back in, pushes the wrapping out of the way a bit so she can get a swab of the pus to be analyzed for what specific bacteria we're dealing with.

My CVS app says the amoxilin is ready to pick up, so that's my next stop. But when I get there, there are 2 drugs and one is not ready. I do some shopping and wait 10 minutes, but it's not ready yet so I go home.

One of the things I bought was self-stick stretch tape, so I re-wrapped the bandage.

I'm pretty wiped out, and need a shower. Tummy issues - went to the restroom 3 times while waiting at the clinic. Management was telling us they may need to shut off the water today and through the weekend, but we were spared today.

Low Hgl lunch was a Klondike bar at a pair of corndogs.

Did some online follow-up, and watched the "decision day" episode of Married At First Sight. Two of the five couples chose to stay married. One of those husbands claimed the wife had finally had sex with him two weeks before, and that lack of intimacy was a show-stopper for him. But I think he was lying. I don't see that marriage lasting. The other couple have had isolated explosive arguments, but they have gotten counseling and worked things out. Whether they last past a year depends on where they go on vacation. He's a penny pincher, she maxes out her credit cards to travel overseas.

As for the other 3 couples, one has been over for a couple of weeks, they both wanted a divorce. Another has also been over for a few weeks, but husband is one of those straight A students who isn't smart, he just knows what answer the teacher wants, and pretends that's his answer. He said he wanted to stay married and give it more time. Wife sees through this, and has had enough, so bye bye. The final couple both are in denial. She has an explosive temper, and it self-triggers. But she is under the illusion that she loves him and wants to stay married. He is under the illusion that if they get a divorce he can make the relationship work when the camera crews are gone. The matchmakers did not buy that, and they are divorced.

One thing the bunch of misfits did was become like a family. Their final gathering when they shared their decisions was a friendly, supportive event, no hard feelings.

Watched PTI and FFed through the pathetic Ravens' loss to the almost as pathetic Dolphins. Dinner was cheese lasagna with apple crisp.

At the clinic they kept asking if I had a tetanus shot in the last 5 years, I thought I was current, but looking at my notes on the PC, it's been since 2012. I wanted to kill two stones with one bird and get the shot when I picked up the pills at CVS, but that branch only does Covid and flu shots. So I made an appointment at the Walgreen's where I got 2 of my 3 covid shots.

CVS for drugs
Walgreen's for a tetanus shot
Albertson's for juice, ice cream, cake
Continue looking for where I'll have my birthday dinner. Maybe The Orleans.