November 13th, 2021


Plan A --> B --> C

Plan A was to have the last Mom's Meals breakfast, do my online stuff, pick up two antibiotics and get a tetanus shot at CVS, get some juice & fruit across the street at Albertson's and go home.

But last night when I tried to schedule the shot, my local CVS doesn't do tetanus aka TDAP, so I made an appointment for 1 pm at the Walgreen's where I'd gotten my Covid and flu shots.

So Plan B, stay home till 12:30, drive to Walgreen's, get shot, then to CVS for the pills, and finally to Albertson's and a stop at the mailbox. But plumbers were digging up the street in front of the mailboxes and someone was parked where I usually park, so Plan C added a mailbox trip at about 4:30. Because I thought Jade's antidepressant would be there. But all that was in the box was a flyer for the US Mint's holiday specials.

One of the neighbors sings and plays piano in a band and she has a gig at a casino lounge nearby Saturday night, so I looked at their web site and the menu at the restaurant is pretty good so I plan to go there for dinner and the show.

Also spent some time trying to find a place for birthday dinner. LJ says last year having it delivered was a disaster. Traditionally I have lobster. Lobster Cantonese is how that started, but in Thailand it was lobster Thermidor once. And 2 years ago I bought a couple of frozen lobster tails and steamed them - that was okay but I'd rather be served than cook. And cake - Albertson's makes a terrific Black Forest cake. Cajun Crab House has the right food but no inside dining, carry out and delivery only. Palace Station is known for its lobster, but they are on the strip. Orleans is an even farther drive, but they don't appear to have lobster. But crawfish is close enough and they have clam chowder. Free parking.

Watched an episode of Outdoor Nevada, he hit several spots around the state, including a pony express demo.

Delivered was a bag of fun-sized Payday bars. That and mini Snickers subbed for lunch.

At about 6:30 the injection hit hard, so I took Tylenol, went to bed, put on meditation music and got maybe half an hour of sleep.

Jade was at the food dish by the gate, and Spook went to the gate to watch. Jade stuck around for a while but eventually hid behind things. Spook camped out on her back in front of the recliner, but is now on the sofa.

Turned on Shark Tank and PTI  and cooked up a sweet and sour chicken meal. I knew it would be way too sweet so I only poured 1/3 of the sauce over the main dish. That worked okay. Mint chip ice cream for dessert.

Checked FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. Bubbled up 2 bottles of soda water and two of diet ginger ale with real ginger sliced into them, for tomorrow.

Plan for tomorrow:
on Tivo: Graham Norton, 90 Day, Penn & Teller, Gold Rush
Live on TV - college football