November 14th, 2021


Catturday cat-chup

Saturday started way too early with a note taped to my carport door saying I needed to call Animal Control about the cat bite reported by UNMC Quick clinic. I filled out the report as best I could without Jade's paperwork while I was at the clinic. Word is all animal bites must, by law, be reported to local Animal Control. Any animal bites - bites to humans or other animals.

I called and they said an officer would come out to get some info: date of rabies shot and spaying. And to see the killer attack animal.

He came by around 10:30, friendly and professional, was happy I had all the paperwork ready, and that Jade's rabies shot is current. He explained that Jade needs to be quarantined for 10 days, but since she has her shots she can simply stay home. And he gave me a sign to put in the window saying there's a quarantined animal in the house. Had she not been current on her shots, he would have taken her away for quarantine, and if she had not been spayed he would have taken care of that too.

I brought him into Jade's room where she was at the top of the tree being scared of the stranger. But not violent.

He took pictures of the wounds, and of course there was another form to sign.

It all took half an hour.

On Tivo there was Gold Rush and a 90 Day teaser. The astrologer said Jenny and Sumit could get married, the auspicious days start in 9 days. So 9-Day Fiance. He actually looked up their charts this time. Avi's mother sat down with Bini and a translator, and established that Bini did not cheat on Avi, he turned the empty house into a music studio and made some recordings with other performers, as one does. Avi is all in her head, never gives Bini a chance to speak, so it was good her mom could set her straight.

The tetanus shot continued to kick my butt, so I got into bed about 2, stayed there till 5.

Watched Graham Norton, Penn & Teller, more Gold Rush

About 7 I headed for the Skyline Casino, where neighbor Jeanne was performing. It's a bit further down Boulder Hwy than I remembered, but it's well lit and there is nothing else around. The lounge was packed, the band is very good and lots of people were dancing to the music. After a few songs I went to the restaurant, on the other side of the building, out of hearing/sight of the lounge. There were only three other customers. Service was quick & friendly. I knew the prime rib would be too much to eat in one sitting so I got a to-go box after finishing about half. The rice & veggies tasted good and the string beans were okay so I put those in the box too, along with the ground horseradish.

Back to the lounge, the band was playing  Margaritaville  and the crowd joined in a loud participation I'd never heard before "Where's the salt, salt, where's the Goddam salt?" Vegas has a Margaritaville bar I need to check it out. Anyhow, I was still kind of out of it from the tetanus shot, and they changed from the superb lead singer to guest who had a great voice but he changed the vibe from Buffett to Don Ho, and mostly sang to his girlfriend who was gyrating in front of him. So I picked up my to-go and was to-gone.

Home, turned off the PC (it was on standby), took drugs, went to bed.

Much quieter day

Stayed in bed 2 hours past the lights coming on. Fire department scanner was very busy, a 54 year old having a heart attack at Buffalo Wild Wings, a building on fire, sounded like a residence, but the woman sent inside with the air tank did not enunciate, so I didn't catch her updates. They wear scuba-like gear with a microphone and speakers built into it. One of the fun parts of the LVFD is they send every possible vehicle to the site, and as the designated site commander assesses the situation they may cut a few units loose. There were also a number of lost firefighters - many times dispatchers send trucks to an address which they have not verified, trusting the 911 caller.

Had time to read all my news sites and win a game of solitaire.

Lunch was cantaloupe and something else, I forgot what. Banana for breakfast. Dinner finished most of last night's prime rib & rice & veggies. Plus a piece of German chocolate cake.

Around 2 pm I remembered that if I wanted a Black Forest cake I'd better go to the store. Lucky me, I got the last one at Albertson's, first try.

Sunday, so no reason to check for mail.

Deliveries, though:
Purina One kibble - I filled both cat towers and have some left over
Tiki cat treat puree tubes - Jade did not like those as much as the Churu brand, but maybe it was that the Tiki I gave her was chicken and the Churus are seafood.
Feliway spray - used it in places I wanted Jade to hang out. That did not work.
Huge container of Whiskas chicken flavored treats for Spook.
Cat grass grow kit

Spent some quality time with Jade, getting her used to me rubbing her ears on the inside. It took a couple of tries, but I got some of the anti-depressant on. She seemed to enjoy that. Need to do that every day, no idea how long it will take for her to socialize.

Watched some football. Seahawks and Raiders both looked pathetic. Packers won but they were not much better than Seattle.

Vets on the Beach double-feature is paused for now.

Took all the recycleds and garbage to the curb, also the bulk pickup - lots of boxes.

More lobster research. I think I'll go to Red Lobster after all. The other nearby seafood places either don't have lobster or make it Cajun spicy. Margaritaville on the strip was on my list, but all they have is fish sticks. And burgers. I'll go some night when their house band is playing.

Sleep in. I'm officially older at 3:20 am EST and I am not getting up at that time to celebrate.
"Like" the 6 or 7 birthday greetings on FB
Lobster dinner out
Home for dessert