November 17th, 2021


Lobster tales

Birthday dinner at the Red Lobster was meh. The lobster was small and undercooked.

So today I remedied the situation by ordering a pair of lobster tails from Outback. They were small, but excellent and came with melted butter - not clarified. There were also string beans and rice. The rice will be a snack tomorrow, the beans won't. I also ordered a Blooming Onion because I like onions and I'd never had one of theirs. It tasted awful. Not at all like an onion or onion rings, it was soaked in oil and covered in some combination of herbs and spices which would have Col. Sanders rolling in his grave.

That was my late lunch, I had a small slice of Black Forest cake for dessert.

Before the Outback delivery I had time to order some shakes from Sonic, and pick them up. They don't deliver in my neighborhood.

A few belated birthday greetings, including a call from middle sister with the traditional "I can't sing" version of the birthday song.

I changed the sheets on the bed. Spook "helped"

Jade got some more meds in her ear, and yes, she likes the tuna Tiki tubes better than the chicken ones.

On Tivo we had Below Deck, in which the captain read the riot act to two extremely obnoxious and foul mouthed drunk passengers. He waited till they were sober. They stayed that way.

Outdoor Nevada visited some nice places around Carson City and a big park north of LV where they teach kids how to fish.

Dinner was my final Mom's Meal, allegedly teriyaki chicken but it was really stir fried chicken with a side of rice. Big piece of Black Forest cake for dessert.

Stayed up late for The Bachelorette, and like her even more now. She sent another jerk home. I think/hope the two men who had one on one dates will be her finalists. There are two dark horses as well, but I don't see either of them as her "person".  I am disgusted with the producers, who made the group date participants eat disgusting food items again. There was no reason for that.

Unload the dryer
Maybe lime the dog doo
Maybe plant path lights

Sashimi from a Thai place

When I saw on GrubHub a place called Thai Sushi, I had to try it. Turns out they have zero Thai food**, but a huge sushi-sashimi-bento-tempura menu. I ordered 4 shrimp tempura and an order of California rolls for lunch, and a 17-piece sashimi sampler for my next 2 dinners.

Sipped on Sonic chocolate shake while I waited.

**Now I see on their web site I was only looking at the Japanese menu. They have a big Thai menu as well. Need to try that. Maybe make a visit.

Breakfast was banana & PNB.

Spent a lot of time on Twitter commenting on the Bachelorette. Also lots in the news feeds. Not much on Tivo, though.

Started with the latest Doctor Who, which was pretty much a total waste of time if you're not high on several controlled substances. There were some split screens hinting that the next doctor will be a middle-aged black woman.

On live TV there was bad college football, NFL Live and what was supposed to be NBA basketball but was actually a promo for a boxing match.

PTI finally recorded, so I watched that.

No deliveries today, my order of TP and PT from Walmart is due Saturday.

I stayed inside, got nothing done except 3 loads of laundry. One load was mostly pocket T-shirts and I think they need to be Goodwilled because they are thin stretchy material, not good quality.

Spent time with Jade, gave her ear some more medicine. And another pair of Tiki tuna tubes. Still won't let me pick her up.

Crashed at 2:30 for an hour. Lots of traffic on the LVFD scanner. Two actual structure fires, and a reported school bus vs. a Kia, which turned out to be a city bus vs a kid on a motorized scooter ignoring traffic laws.

Married At First Sight is on Tivo tonight. I'll stay up for it.

Try a new nail spa. The one I'd been using because it's closest keeps assigning a man to me, and he skimps on the gel, so I have chipped nails.