November 18th, 2021



I finally put an end to two procrastinations:
Put on gloves, eye protection, a mask but totally forgot the hat. Cut open the corner of a 5-lb bag of gardening lime, and poured it onto the many clumps of dog poop around the air conditioner. In theory that will melt them. I'll need to get the hose out there in a week or 2 so it goes into the ground. The yard is crushed rock, so a scooper won't work. The air conditioner needs annual maintenance, I didn't want the tech to have to dodge dog doo.
Got the rubber tent peg hammer out of the shed and the path lights off the top of the dryer. 12 lights, I only used 8. Two on each side of the driveway and two on each side of the porch ramp. They are smaller that I thought, and I did bad job of getting them in straight, but I think it's good enough for me.

Banana breakfast, chocolate shake lunch, the rest of the sashimi and California rolls for dinner. Sort of. They used the wrong kind of rice, so I peeled that off and enjoyed the seaweed wrap, avocado & crab filling. Black forest cake for dessert. I have 2 slices left for tomorrow.

Called a new-to-me nail place called M3an Girls to make an appointment, but their acrylic expert had the day off, and was giving a workshop elsewhere, so we settled on noon, oh wait, how about 2 pm? They prefer cash, I'll need to find an ATM.

Jade got some quality time and Tiki tuna treats. And a dose of the anti-depressant, which does not seem to have started working yet. However, Spook is responding to the pheromone diffusers, and is now sitting on my lap proper for a little while at a time, and parks herself on the side table when I'm watching TV.

Watched the Patriots clobber the Falcons until halftime, took an hour to join the RPCV singles zoom. It's been a while.

Back to the game, I feel sorry for the Falcon QB who got zero protection from his front line.

The lunar eclipse should have started by now, and the clouds are thin enough to see it.

College football