November 20th, 2021


Got out some today - ATM, Dentist, nails

Plan A was to hang around till near my 2 pm nails appointment, go to the nearby Gallaria BofA branch for 20's and maybe 10's and 5s, then have the manicure done.

But during banana breakfast the dentist office called, my partial was ready to pick up. I made an appointment for 11, got in the car and drove to the nearby drive-thru ATM and got 20's. I don't like to got there because there is usually a long, slow line and punching the buttons is awkward. but there was no line, and the buttons cooperated once I figured out they were a little to the right of the sensor.

Home, read the news. Totally in shock at the not guilty jury verdict. I just hope the civil cases bankrupt his mom. And maybe the feds will charge him with violating the civil rights of those he killed.

At the dentist's, tech pushed the partial in place. It's too tight. Dentist says I'll have sore spots**, to call when that happens, but admin says they will be closed after Monday. So I'd better go in on Monday.

Home again, had some lunch/snacks. Walmart delivered to big boxes, TP and PT.

1:30 left for 2 pm nails appointment, found the place, but it turned out the be a maze of beauty salons, and the suite number on their web site was not the one on the door. I had to text them to open the right door for me. They had warned me that it would take 2 hours, and it did. Maybe more. She was very thorough. I lost count of how many layers of polish and UV gel were painted on. But she said it will last a month instead of the usual 2 weeks. I doubt it because nails grow out faster than that. We'll see.

I went with silver this time.

Home around 5:30.

Found some frozen meals and had one for dinner, and finished the Black Forest cake. Crashed at about 8 pm, slept for an hour. Fire Dept scanner was reporting a major fire at a golf course clubhouse which was apparently shuttered. Several alarms.

Not much on Tivo, so fired up Amazon Prime and watched two episodes of The Equalizer. The daughter keeps getting better and better. Laya DeLeon Hayes. And her part is getting expanded accordingly.

Plenty of shows on Tivo now.
Maybe some college football as well.
Figure out how to remove the partial without hurting myself. ** No sore spots but it twists the crowns painfully.
Plan my next photo trip. Probably a park in Henderson which has a river.

Animal Control, Dental stuff, and it's a wash

Talked to Animal Control while I was still in bed, and they said Jade is done with quarantine, I can take the sign down. Which I did later.

Breakfast banana & PNB was a challenge with the new partial, so I made an appointment with the dentist at 11, and got it adjusted by the tech. **

The dentist is a ways down Pecos Rd., so I had my Nikon with me and went almost to the end of the road to Pecos Legacy Park and the Pittman Wash trail. Outdoor Nevada showed the trail with a river running alongside it, probably the one day after it rained last spring. It was bone dry today, not the kind of photos I had hoped for. But here's the car wash overlooking the wash:
It's a huge park, two baseball diamonds, volleyball, picnic areas. There was a little league game starting so I sat in the stands and watched for a couple of innings. Teams had uniforms with their names on the back, it was read hardball with overhand pitching. Probably an equal number of aluminum and wooden bats. Co-ed - there were two or three girls on each team, and they were tiny. A few of the boys were too.

As I was leaving, a flowering plant in the parking lot caught my eye. Took a while to get a good bee pic. Definitely a calendar candidate:

Home, was surprised it was only a little after noon.

Had pizza delivered, and that was a late lunch/early dinner. Watched Shark Tank. And some Gold Rush.

Took out my partial, took a nap till 6:30, took care of both litterboxes (need to order more cartridges for 2 weeks from now) and headed out for Skyline Casino to listen to the band. Even more crowded than last week, but there was some eye candy sitting across from me. Had a virgin pina colada. Only one waitress taking care of 50 people, next time I'll order at the bar. The band was good, but the guest singers were meh. One guy who fancies himself as Frank Sinatra couldn't decide two things: whether to sing or talk the lyrics, and what key he was in. A woman tried to duet with the keyboardist, in a different key. She was fine solo. And the obligatory soul singer mostly shouted. He had great stage presence, though.

Home, processed the photos, had some ice cream (will have more soon).

Maybe relax and watch a lot of Tivo
Find another photo op
Monday: another dental adjustment.