November 21st, 2021


It was da bomb

But first, had to remove the partial, it's been carving up my jaw. Manufacturing defect, the metal braid which is supposed to support the fiberglass structure is worn through and rubbing. Ouch.

And maybe in retaliation, I took up Murray's Cheese on their deal, $25 off on orders of $125 or more. They have a heavenly sheep milk creamy cheese from France and while i was at it I bought 1/2-pounds of a couple more, and some duck foi gras. To be delivered via Fedex cold pack Nov. 30.

And bought a ticket to the National Atomic Testing Museum which I kept meaning to go to since my first house scouting trip in 2019. Thanks to the pandemic, tickets are online only.

It's not too far, just up Flamingo a couple of miles before the Strip. Lots of parking. Only a handful of people, odd for a Sunday except there's a Raiders game.

They have crammed everything with even the slightest connection to the atom bomb into this place, and it's overwhelming. Plus they have hourly movies all day, which are also on YouTube. My photos don't do it justice, but they are here.

I spent about 2 hours there, felt like 4. Need to go back without the Nikon so I can read the exhibits, see movies, and buy souvenirs (the gift shop is small but crammed full of neat stuff).

Got home about 1 pm, processed the photos after spending time with Jade. She has calmed down some, but she also is back to hiding a lot. Delivered was some elastic cord, which I used some of to tie some toys to the tree.

Spook was asleep on the bed, made a nest from the blanket and sheets. Today she has been verbal and a bit needy, and on and off my lap a bit.

For toothless dinner I made rice soup from a can of cream of chicken and rice leftover from Red Lobster. Or maybe it was the sashimi place. Also ate a lot of ice cream.

90 Day Fiance teaser was a tease. Gold Rush white water was as stupid as ever.

Watched the Vikings pull out a last-second win, and the Raiders folded at home in front of some lame Ohio team.

Lots on Tivo for tomorrow

Delivered was a hard water stain chemical remover, which didn't, and some pumice wands which almost did. Puzzling that the stain is above the level the water settles at in the bowl.

Back to the dentist, but first:
Take out the garbage
And maybe go to Best Buy and see if the Geek Squad could upgrade the motherboard in my PC. I want to keep my drives & power supply, but get an i9CPU, DDR4 RAM (16  or 32Gigs), built-in HDMI and USB 3.x.