November 22nd, 2021


Monday - Friday NOT

Got up on time and left voicemail for the dentist that I need to come in and have the partial re-adjusted. Suggested 10 am. Voicemail message said they are open M-F 8 am - 5 pm

Three calls and no answer, no callback, so I just drove there. Plan A was dentist then a photo trip to Sunset Park's lake.

As I was going to the dentist's door, phone from the admin saying they are closed Mondays. The sign on the door clearly says they are. She checked with the dentist by phone and said nope. Let's make an appointment for tomorrow.


Drove to the park, just by luck found the lake right away. Took lots of pix. They are here.

Lots of birds of all sorts. Here are a few
Collapse )

Stopped at Sonic on the way Home for shakes, processed the photos, drank a banana shake for lunch. Watched Penn & Teller. And the first 3 quarters of MNF. BASFA zoom meeting.

Got a text from best work buddy he & his will be here Thursday night. Hope he has time to visit. Sounds like they are taking a Grand Canyon tour.

Cup of noodles and chocolate shake for dinner.

Tonight - finish watching MNF

11:00 Dentist
Maybe bring my fishing rod to the lake.
More Tivo