November 23rd, 2021


Partial Day 2

Stayed in bed till 10 reading. My 11:45 dentist appointment didn't allow for breakfast, just some juice. Was on time until missing the light at Pecos & Tropicana, which has double left turn lanes in all 4 directions, so it's a long light to begin with, but then a fire truck came zooming in, resetting my lane a full cycle. almost 10 minutes waiting! And a couple more lights made me 5 minutes late, but this dentist always keeps me waiting anyway.

When I showed the tech the manufacturing defect, he understood and took the partial to the dentist, and one or both of them made it somewhat better, but they want to send it back to the lab after Turkey Day to have it sealed correctly. But I think I'm done here. There are plenty of other dentists which do partials. I found one whose web page I liked, will drive over there tomorrow for a chat.

Can't remember if it was yesterday or today, I refilled two hummingbird feeders and put them out. Instead of just one.

Delivered today 3 weeks late was a cat toy from Petco. The rest of that order started coming in 2 weeks ago.

After the dentist, I drove back out to Sunset Park, set up my camp chair and watched the water & birds and stupid people feeding bread to the ducks & pigeons. Hundreds of feathered critters surrounded them. So much concentrated guano.

Home, caramel shake for lunch (the new partial is still not wearable till the cuts heal).

Watched Outdoor Nevada,  90 Day The Other Way and its Pillow Talk. We are getting closer to Jenny leaving India, and Alina's mom was not able to talk her out of marrying the moron. None of Corey's family is coming to his fake wedding, but a mutual friend of him and Eveline plans to crash the ceremony. Should be fun. And Armando is all in his head about his wedding to Ken. Meanwhile the island castaways made up and are engaged.

Below Deck is still a mess. Production values have gone down the tubes. The editors can't seem to focus. There are no crew romances anymore, because the guys we thought were single aren't.

Tried to find my fishing tackle, I think I Goodwilled it.

Jade did not want to be petted because she was chasing the red dot.

Drive to the new denture place and find out what it would cost for a partial, and how long will it take (after this weekend of course)
Watch The Bachelorette