November 25th, 2021


Dam Indecision

The calendar is getting close, and I promised myself to do a photo shoot at Hoover Dam. Last night I looked for tours (I could drive there, but could not take photos while driving, and may miss some good viewpoints). The first several searches got me about 6 instances of a travel agency, and I signed up for a Saturday morning tour. It looked like there was an option for the boat ride, but it wasn't part of the booking. So I emailed the tour operator asking about it. Got a reply later that there was no boat ride option.

The reply was from Grayline, not from the company I'd booked with. Hmmm. Could not sleep, so about 4 am I put on my robe and slippers, fired up the PC and canceled the reservation. Another ambiguity was where to get on board - Treasure Island has free parking, and was a choice, but they also said something about making my way to the collection point. With no hint where that was.

It was a very sleepless night, Spook joined me when the lights came on, so I turned them off and slept for another hour.

After my morning stuff, which included a pair of chocolate cupcakes topped with way too rich granache, I phoned Grayline, made a reservation for the afternoon trip, and found the collection point is at Tahiti Village, which has free parking, and is on Las Vegas Blvd way south of the Strip. Looks like Sunset will get me there. And the direct reservation saved me $5.

There were way too many Thanksgiving greetings online. I used to enjoy visiting friends for that, but not lately. There was a big dinner at the clubhouse yesterday but it looked like a super-spreader. No masks because food. And many unvaxed.

Lunch today was Stouffer's turkey tetrazini frozen meal, with extra Swiss cheese. Dessert was a diet cola float with mint moose track ice cream.

On Tivo was 4 hours of Married At First Sight follow-ups. The first one was part 2 of the reunion, the second was a month later, where are they now. None of the 5 couples remained married. One couple is trying to get back together, but the wife will never be 100% in. And some mix and match is going on. Myrla, who blindsided Gil, has the hots for Johnny, who blamed Bao for everything when it was all his fault. He seems to be having an affair with Myrla. Zack has started dating Bao after months of hanging out with her and Ryan playing pool. Mikaela, who is batshit crazy when triggered and was married to Zack seems interested in Gil. Ryan is dating old friends, his ex Brett is starting to date again. Meanwhile the so-called experts who matched these people don't understand that every one of the 10 participants has at least one deep seated psychosis. Jose has a violent temper, Rachel and Mikaela have abandonment issues, Brett is scared of flying while Ryan loves to. And so on. This season was based in Houston, the season just starting is in Boston. I hope they do better.

Started watching the Raiders game, it's on in the background at the moment. I may watch the Lions game later. Probably tomorrow.

No dinner, just a piece of vanilla cake soaked in rum.

Maybe tomorrow I will have a turkey leg delivered.

My buddy Quang was due to land in LAS this evening. I may hear from him tomorrow. Not sure what he and his wife & son have planned except a trip to the glass walkway over the Grand Canyon. I'm not interested, because vertigo and they don't let you take pictures (they will sell you photos of you which they take). I hope they have time to see me.

Took a moment to look up the white balance settings on my camera because the photos are coming out too purple. The manual says the auto setting may not work for non-Nikon lenses, so it is now set to sunlight, which is what most of my photos are these days.

Needed more cash for the dentures & calendar, so I cashed in some IRA savings. Should see that in the bank on Monday.

Look for pumpkin pie & turkey legs delivery
Watch some football
Update and charge the laptop
Maybe call BestBuy geek squad about upgrading my PC