Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Much Humping Today

Up on time, out on time, tried to stream my ride to work but it locked up a minute or two in. Samsung phone did that several times since I started using it to stream, which is rude because I got it because it is supposedly built for streaming. The Pixel 2 never did that, although it did overheat once and shut itself off when my stream settings were way too high.

So, the S9 is going back to Amazon. Gonna use USPS because the closest of the 6,457 available lockers is downtown San Jose. Major WTF. Someone is not doing their job of collecting from the lockers. Or the database is hosed.

Blame susandennis for pointing out the generous Pixel 2 buyback program, which brings the Pixel3 price down to about the same as the S9. Strange but true, I can get mine Saturday with the free delivery/setup help. Nov 5 at the earliest on free standard shipping, self setup. In order to do that setup thing, I needed to put my Pixel back - I'd wiped it. The Google phone swap app is not as thorough as the Samsung one, but it is good enough. Anyway, thanks, Susan.

One thing which surprised me is the barometer app worked on the Pixel, using the phone's sensor. Did not know it had one.

So tomorrow I'll stream my ride to work on the Pixel 2, and we'll see.

Work today was a pain. The test servers were intermittent again, and just when they got solid, the internet connection in the lab went down. The big lab in the back of the building also went down, but they are on a different circuit, which it took tech support a while to figure out. Once they did, mine was fixed in 10 minutes. And another 20 for the server connection to see my router. Big lab was still offline when I went home.

Lunch was a Safeway Asian Chicken salad. Quite a construction project. Almond bits, tiny mandarin orange slices, the obligatory dried noodles, chicken cubes, special sauce. Strawberries after. And baklava.

Testing was interrupted when bozomanager wanted three tests re-run which NP had allegedly marked as failed in the prior release. Except she hadn't. And they still failed. For good reasons. Tall manager was confused, he asked how they passed when NP ran them, but they didn't.

Boss showed me an OLED TV from LG which looks stunning, and she wants me to have it in the lab for show. Apparently someone ordered one and got two, so she grabbed it.

While I was out there she went over her roadmap with me & NP and she suddenly realized I won't be around in mid-December. :-(

Home at 5:30, stream froze before I got 3 blocks, so I pulled into the cinema parking lot to reboot the phone and start again, but the two people who had been watching never returned. The rest of the ride was recorded.

Home, delivered was a case for the S9. It's pretty, I may sell it on eBay.

Transferred all the stuff from the S9 to the 2XL, made a chopped liver & onions sandwich for dinner, dark chocolate covered tangerine slices for dessert. Watched PTI and Below Deck. The chief stewardess and her #1 steward, whom I think are both gay, are an item. The crazy #3 stewardess has a crush on the incompetent boson, who is thinking with his dick. I expect him to be fired in a charter or two. Meanwhile we are waiting for the huge hunk #3 crew stud and the #2 crew gal who is of amazonian proportions (except she still has both breasts) to find each other.

I can't believe Gruden traded away Amari Cooper.
Re-programmed the food tower to do 3 feedings, total of 5 cups a day I think. Spook still gets a small pile of treats because she asks for them. Comes right out and sits facing me and meows. Rubs her head against the container when I take the lid off. Spot comes running, but he's just being a brat. If I put some down for him he walks away.

Need to get a plumber to fix the master toilet. It keeps stopping up, and probably needs both a long snake and a new flushing mechanism which stores more water in the tank.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe plug the car in at Pear Ave and go to their cafeteria for the eye candy. Then Hedda Gabler at The Pear theater. I doubt that Ibsen will fill the house on a Thursday.
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