Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Turds Day

After spending all day re-running tests for the soundbar, Tall engineer says there's a new build.
So I re-ran three tests with the new build, and the new build made it worse. Tall engineer was disappointed.
I wasn't, because there were actually two separate parts to the bugs, and the one which I thought would be the hardest to fix got fixed. The one which any newbie streaming media engineer could solve, they didn't.

Back to using the Pixel 2, had to re-pair it to the car. And re-position the car holder. New holder was delivered tonight, I'll see if it's a better design.

After work I hung out in the Pear Republic cafeteria, charging my laptop and handling some email & FB. 6:30 it wasn't crowded at all, so I looked at the food. The bowl offering was something like dog food. Usually the bowl offering is noodles of some kind. There were no takers. The main line was some kind of chicken, did not look very appetizing. The soup and sides line was a winner. Mushroom soup and flank steak slices. Chunks, actually. Quite good. Dessert was chocolate soft serve and a "birthday cake cupcake".
Got my car charged while I was there, and at 7:40 drove around to the theater half a block away. I'm not an Ibsen fan, and the plot was both convoluted and boring, and the theater warmed up to not quite stifling. It's a very long show, and the cast didn't move it along very quickly. There were fudged lines, and the actor who played the confused husband was not always just acting confused. My fried Betsy, playing Hedda, did not come off as the elegant socialite daughter of a general. I blame the costumes, which were meh. And the script doesn't justify the ending. It was almost a full house, pretty good for a full-priced Thursday.

Sitting across from me and to the left, in the front row, was a poly group. Two women sharing three men. Man on the right had his hand on the bare leg of the woman to his right, whose arm was entwined with that of the man to her right, whose other arm was around the woman to his right, whose hand was on the leg of the man to her right. Pretty much the perfect audience for this play.
Home, delivered was the car phone mount, and what looked like a check from the IRS - it was a scam, a loan company with the initials IRS.

Fed Spook some treats, and she also ate from the tower and drank from the fountain. Spot has changed his bullying to attempts to an attempt at  play, but the Queen will have none of that. Spot played with the feathers on a stick for about 5 minutes. And some more when I hung it from the exercise bike handles.

Ate the grapes which I forgot to eat for 2 days at work while watching PTI . It's late, so I left the other things on Tivo for later.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check whether the Norway box survived a night of 4K YouTube streaming
Other duties as assigned. Probably will get a new soundbar build

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