Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End of the week pleasant surprises

Up and out early. Stopped at the post office and mailed my S9 back, using an Amazon plastic padded envelope which the new phone car mount came in. $7 and change, to Las Vegas, with tracking. Due there Monday.

Light traffic most of the way. At work early.

The soundbar got a new build late in the day, and it did not fix what it was supposed to fix. So I hooked up the Norway box, and started running the overnight YouTube test, which was still running when I left.

Lunch was a Safeway chef salad, strawberries and a pickle.

Right when I was about to go next door to see our London rep give a presentation, Tall Engineer wants me to take bozomanager's soundbar and see if his new build fixed 3 tests which had failed yesterday. Nope. And it made me miss the presentation.

Boo, hiss.

Plugged the car in at 4:30, set up the new holder. It didn't stick to the windshield but it had a stick-on plate which fit right where Ford made a spot for it behind the steering wheel.  Started streaming with streamlabs, but it locked up after a minute or three. Reset it a few miles away at a stop light and it stayed up till I got home.

Lots of things delivered: insulin pens for my high-speed insulin, pen needles (they screw onto the tip of the pen), two Samsung a/v adapters for work (I ordered a second one because we have two samsung TVs at work which can use them).

Dinner was in two parts. A beef flavored bowl of ramen noodles, and a piece of asian BBQ salmon which took half an hour to bake. It was on special at GO. Tasty, but a wee bit spicy for me. The last of the dark chocolate covered tangerines for dessert.

Watched PTI and something else I cannot remember now. Or maybe not. Graham Norton, who had Whoopie Goldberg, Harry Connick Jr , two young actors I can't remember and BTS the Korean poop group.

Got mail from Ford reminding me to see if I am above the number of miles my lease calls for. I'm good for 35,000. Right now I have 16,000. Lease is up in Feb. I can buy the car for $17k plus paperwork fees. No thanks, I want an all-electric.

Been streaming and chatting for half an hour, first with twitch and then with streamlabs. No problemo. It does need the phone plugged in, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Target, surgical strike shopping
Watch some college football
Play with the cats
Wait for my pixel 3 xl to be delivered and set up.
And maybe some garden maintenance.

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