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things were going fine until the insulin reaction.
Up and at 'em by 10, drove to Target, where I had to detour to get to their parking lot because finally, after years and years, construction is in progress to remove the original parking garage and replace it with a Whole Foods and an AMC cinema.

Another route was blocked by the weekly farmer's market, so after I did my shopping and put the stuff in the car I walked the 3 blocks to the market and walked the whole length and breadth. Very impressive produce.

Click to play on Twitch

Bought a dozen falafel at a Greek food stall. They are about half the size I am used to.**

Back to Target, and had to loop de loop again to get to the BofA ATM a block away. Got some yuppie food stamps, I was down to my last one.

Home, after noon but no mail yet.

Got a call from the woman who was going to deliver the Pixel 3, saying she was running way ahead of schedule and could she come over in 15 minutes? I said yes, and gave her final directions. 20-something woman from Miami helping the Enjoy company launch their new co-op service with Google. She unboxed the phone, had me set up my Pixel 2 and the new phone onto my wi-fi, USB cabled them together and did the file swap. It all went very smoothly. We had a nice chat while she was working, and she was done in half an hour.

Next step was for me to log into my Verizon account and tell it to change phones. It failed at first because I told it I would use my existing SIM, but when I popped the SIM tray out of the Pixel 3, it already had one in there, and it was stapled in place, not removable from the tray. So I made that change on the web site and it transferred over. I now have 2 spare Verizon SIMs.

**Lunch was the falafel with hummus, kind of crunchy but better than the place near work. I shot up the full 50 units of high-test insulin pre-lunch, but apparently the ramen appetizer and falafel were not carb loaded enough, and as a result I had a major low blood sugar event while watching my alma mater give the game away at Cal. UW was playing without a couple of their leading scorers, which put their legendary QB at a loss.

FFed through most of the 2nd half, because the score didn't change.

It took 4 scoops of ice cream with caramel syrup to come back to nearly normal, but Hgl events always drain me, so I was kind of useless for an hour.

Swiffered the floor near the fridge.

But it smelled like cat pee. noticed a piece of Spook poop on the floor by the front kitchen windows. Pulled the cat tree out from the wall and discovered Spook had been using that area as a litterbox. Had to sweep it up by hand, and then swiffer the area. Pushed the tree back in place - Spook stayed up there all that time - and placed a motion sensitive puff-of-air shooter on the floor, hopefully to discourage her from using that area again.

This is all from Spot's bullying.

I could move the office litterbox under the kitchen table, I suppose. I don't like it in the office anyway. It's just harder to change cartridges there. But if I moved the table & chairs a bit...

Watched that MTV match game show, they are one week from failing. Only two verified matches, and they keep changing partners but each week only shows 2 additional matches - the show does not say who the other matches are, which is seriously whacked. There's $1 million at stake.

Also watched Penn & Teller. The theme was magic for kids. But they only had kids performing magic in the last segment.

Dinner was fried chicken and fried (but not breaded) shallot rings.

Did a load of laundry yesterday, put it away this morning. Spot helped by fighting with the shirts as I hung them up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
Maybe get out and about
Not Twitchcon because it's too darn crowded. And $90

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