Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Did not leave the house today except to get something out of the mailbox and take out the garbage.

Up at 7:30, out of bed at 10, it was a late night using the tablet to post adopt-me notices for Spot on Nextdoor and Adopt-a-pet. And I had decided not to bother with Twitchcon.

Breakfast was a banana, lunch was bacon and exploded butter beans. Two mistakes: 1. I thought they were lima beans and 2. when heated in the microwave they pop. Turned off the power, covered with a paper plate and continued, but not for long.

They were not very good, but they did counter the saltiness of the bacon. I used the 2-burner-long cast iron grill and smoke filled the house. Not enough to set off alarms, but enough to smog every room. I couldn't open the doors because Spot knows how to crash through the screen doors, but there were windows which open 2" and lock which helped.

Watched the first half of the Raiders game and paused it to play Felicia Day's talk at Twitchcon. She is almost as cute as ever. Her and Johnathan Coulton singing his Still Alive (which was the tune an online game would sing to losers). The cake is a lie.


It was a lovely scattered speech with funny interactions with hecklers. Worth seeing but not in person.

Raiders started well but got trounced.

Four huge peaches were growing old in the fridge, so I impulse baked my first ever peach cobbler. Interesting chemistry effect. The batter goes into the bake pan on top of melted butter, and the peaches-and-sugar filling goes on top of that. 40 minutes later at 350° the peaches and the batter have traded places, and there's a nice cinnamon crunch on top. Delicious, it will be ported into plastic tubs for lunch this week.

Tried to apply for a job on Amazon's site, but it blocked me. Thought I was an employee first time, and a recruiting firm the next 2 times.

Delivered by USPS in my mailbox on a Sunday was the Pixel 3 protective back cover. Same artwork design as the 2, but the openings are slightly different, and the buttons work better.

For the first time in a long time I have nothing on order.

49ers game, I skipped to the final 2 minutes and watched them give it away again. Time to fire the defensive coaches and trainers.

Plans for tomorrow:

Stream my drive to work, unless AG phones. Since it has been a week, I'm guessing he made the wrong decision and is staying at Amazon.
Work. Two clusters in progress and three more in the wings.

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