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It's Another Manic Monday


To add to the nothing to do-ness, Boss sent a "tools down" message to us all regarding the units from Europe. We are not to touch another one (I have 4, NP has 2) until the manufacturer sends us 100% tested and working units. Interesting timing because our rep for that mfg is visiting us till Thursday.

And the new build for the sound bar didn't make it. Maybe tomorrow.

The new new person started today. She is #metoo bait. Good thing she is already trained on Netflix and halfway across the building.

Tried to stream my ride to work, but it stopped broadcasting 90 seconds in. The camera did not stop displaying video, but when I got to work the phone was locked up. After a minute the "close app?" message popped up.

Looking at the symptoms and the timing of these aborts, it seems that when I start from home or work, my internet signal is wi-fi but after about 90 seconds of driving I'm out of range, and the streamer app doesn't know to switch to phone data mode. So tonight on the drive home I disconnected wi-fi before starting the stream, and it stayed up the whole way.

Somewhat wasted effort as nobody tuned in. I also had set my resolution too low, the video playback looked horrible.
Lunch was a Grocery Outlet salad. Not nearly as good as the Safeway ones. I need to restock. But today they had rice bowls in the grab-and-go fridge, so I may luck out and get one tomorrow. Peach cobbler for dessert. Yum3.

Home, delivered was the return box for the Pixel 2 XL. I was prepared to ship everything back in the original box, but all they wanted was the phone, minus the SIM card. I'd already wiped it and popped out the SIM.

Dinner was a chopped liver & onions sandwich and a bowl of ramen. My low-hydration diet meant eating the noodles with a fork, but that works fine for me. Mochi for dessert.

Watched the last quarter of MNF, then PTI, and an episode of Shark Tank. Saving Doctor Who for when there isn't football.

Spot was such a brat today that I got out the feather wand to exercise him. Spook wanted in on the action, so I included her. She didn't want to leave her perch, though. Right now she is in the livingroom hunkered down against the far wall, amongst her many toys. I had to chase Spot away a couple of times. Spook is serious about defending her territory.

Finding someone to adopt Spot can't come too soon.  He is listed here:

I don't know what happened to the other 3 photos and the video I uploaded.

Loaded the dishwasher. This morning I put the cast iron grill in there, no soap, steam dry and it came out only slightly cleaner, and  partially rusted. Had to scrape it and rub in some canola oil. Speaking of oil, I used the last of the fried onions. Need to buy more onions and break out the deep fryer again.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, drop off the phone return
Stream my ride to work
Safeway - sugar, onions, salads, fruit
Home (maybe home first to let traffic die, then shopping)
Tags: #metoo

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