Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Can't believe it's only Tuesday

Probably because it isn't.

I thought about dressing up for Halloween, I have enough costumes. But in my little lab nobody sees me. That was my excuse till I realized how many pee breaks I take, and that's a walk halfway across the building. There were a lot of costumes, some of them pretty racy. There seemed to be an informal trick or treat going on amongst the Google buildings nearby. Slender women in catsuits and other skin-tight clothes.

Ironically, tomorrow HR has declared an 11:11 am walk-out to support Google's way too little too late purging of sexual harassment. I will not be participating. It's a blatantly hypocritical PR move. And I have work to do. Finally.

Emailed the park asking them to check out the cracks in my driveway, and manager said to call him, so I did. He said the park only is responsible for the first 40' from the road, and the big crack is farther than that, and the small crack isn't a tripping hazard and they only formally inspect and repair driveways once a year anyway, and only fix the ones that are safety issues.

Tried again to lower my Comcast bill, but they want to charge me $15 for a DYI kit, which I'm pretty sure I don't need. Chat guy said I need the new Tivo card. I don't remember having to do that when I upgraded.

Boss alerted me there was finally a build for the soundbar which was supposed to Fix Everything™. She gave me 4 audio tests to start with which had been targeted by the genius Chinese engineers. All 4 failed. Chinese engineers poured into my lab with Tall Manager, wanting to hear the audio pops for themselves. They did. I told Boss I had played pop music to them. She chuckled.

I will be very happy to walk away from this marketing-driven QA process. I'm grateful that Boss and Boss2 are pushing back against the junk makers, and are trying to get things fixed, but this part of Google is inept at the concept of Process.

Lunch was the Piazza's salmon salad. The salmon fillet with capers and pickle slices was wonderful, and there was a whole hard-boiled egg which should have been sliced, and some beans and three slices of a vegetable I did not recognize but enjoyed. The vinaigrette was pretty good, but the box was 3/4 spring salad, way too much to eat. It's on the way to compost land. Peach cobbler for dessert.

And ngaw for an afternoon snack.

Plugged the car in at 4:30, receptionist had done skeletal face make-up which looked fantastic, and had been a lot of work.

Streamed my ride home because I have the unlimited plan till mid-November, may as well use it. But my settings are all wrong, the finished video looks horrible.

Delivered was a pair of boxes, one for me and one for #73. I called OnTrac and told them to pick up the second box and deliver it to the right place. They were thrilled. Legally I think I could have kept it. But it was from some women's boutique. In the other box was a Bob Dylan CD with Make You Feel My Love, four wind-up mouse toys, and a USB-C wireless charging stand. Which was DOA. I have a working stand, but it has an older USB connector, I wanted C. Because I have a long C-to-C cable.

In the background I am copying my music to my phone. No idea why, I am rarely plugged in to music. I probably should be. Except I'll sing along, or cry. But I do have expensive BT headphones. Probably should use them more.

Today is Spook's birthday, so I gave her an extra handful of kibble and treats, and chased the bully away.

Watched PTI and Long Lost Lives. LLL was interesting. One woman didn't discover she was adopted till she was 37, the woman she thought was her biological mother was dying, and the paperwork said "no live births". The other was a young man who knew everything about his adoption except the last names and location of his parents. They had split up 20 years before but kept in touch, so he got to be re-united with both of them. Both his biological and adoptive dads are named Chuck. His biological mom & dad are both lookers, as is he.

Plans for tomorrow:
More audio testing
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