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Up on time, out a little later than expected, back roads were pretty clear. 101 wasn't too bad either. Tried to stream, but the repositioned holder was wrongly positioned, so I bailed out of that app and put the phone away.

At work, wrote up all the failed test cases as individual bugs, per Boss, even though they were all identical or similar. She then marked them as duplicates and built a list on a catchall bug.

Lunch was Piazza's chef's salad, lots of good stuff in there. Plucked out the raw broccoli. Vinaigrette is not the right dressing, should be bleu cheese or ranch. It took me a while to graze through the spring leaves.

No work after lunch except to show NP how to run one particularly confusing test, and explain why it makes sense. Basically it tests whether the customer has a legit digital license for playing for-pay videos.

No storm chasers were active, the one who usually streams his ride home didn't. The famous hitchhiker was still waiting at the Woodland Hills entrance to I-5 or its tributary when I checked. He had been there for an hour and a half. I think he is headed home to BC.

My stream home worked fine, but only one person looked in and only for a few minutes. I'll stop streaming when my unlimited data plan expires.

Listened to to radio broadcast of Thursday night football, 49ers vs Raiders, both with 1-6 records. 49ers were on their 3rd string QB, a rookie, undrafted. He killed it. Amazing performance by him and the whole team. Raiders had nothing. Kind of cheers me to see Gruden humiliated like that 34-3. 49ers lost a lot of key players to injuries, and still haven't hired new trainers, but Raiders have traded away several of their key players for future draft picks. But they need an entire O-line. And an entire 2nd team O-line. And a new defensive coordinator. And a move to Las Vegas.

Watched PTI where both hosts said they had no interest in tonight's game (PTI recorded this afternoon). Also watched something else. But what? Can't remember.

Dinner was newly defrosted chopped liver on rye, no fried onions left, so I poured some eggbeaters onto the other piece of bread, which kind of made it French toast.  Had some chicken fat from Piazza's to slather on the bread.

Plans for tomorrow:
Scope out Saturday's trip to SF


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