Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Audio R Us

Up before the alarm, got caught in the internet rabbit hole till 8:30, but traffic was light so I was only a few minutes after 9 to work. Streamed my ride - the new holder for the phone gives a great view of the road and the stupid, inconsiderate drivers.

There was a new build for the soundbar, so I re-tested all the audio tests, and most of them were fixed, but a few got broken in a different way. I filed new bugs on all the new symptoms.

Lunch was a Piazza's chef's salad, and this time I brought my egg slicer, but the hard boiled egg was a mess - one of those times when the shell didn't peel well. Safeway salads have better quality control. Peach cobbler for dessert.

After lunch, the Chinese woman chief engineer for the soundbar came in and I ran several tests for her, it took 5 tries to reproduce the errors. But once she heard them, she was able to guess what caused them. I think she wants to blame the voice remote control.

Put together a list of passed tests and wrote bugs for all the failed ones.

The storm chaser who did not show up last night didn't show up tonight, but he posted on FB that his mother was in the hospital so he was there instead of driving. Two other storm chaser showed up after dark. Not too interesting, that.

Streamed my drive home, very light traffic on the back roads.

Delivered was a pair of extra-wide Skeechers, my new mortgage statement, and a note from the DMV that as of January 1 my commuter lane sticker will be extinct. The lease on the car is up in February, my commute ends the second week in December. I have to start shopping for an all-electric again.

Also need to find a plumber to replace the flushing mechanism in the master bathroom toilet, and get the car to a body shop for an estimate on the slightly bent fender.

Watched PTI and Below Deck.  This yacht crew is so dysfunctional I don't see how Cap. hasn't fired at least three of them. There is a woman who signed on as a junior deck hand who keeps moaning that she owns her own boat in Alaska and is a captain. She is a royal PIA who never shuts up and doesn't get it that she needs to act like a junior deck hand and take orders. The junior stewardess has a crush on the Boson, who isn't remotely interested, and she doesn't get it. Probably because she is insane. And so on.
The weather has been stupid. 50° in the morning, 80 in the afternoon. Had to haul out the radiating heater for the bathroom and keep Spot away from it.

Dinner was a baked chicken thigh and some matzo balls. The last of the chocolate chunk ice cream for dessert. Egg cream chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe catch up on Tivo in the morning. Bacon omelet for breakfast?
Noon-ish, head for SF
2 pm Carolyn's memorial at the high school where she taught.
Safeway on the way home
If there's time, fry up some onions

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