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Take Me out to the...

Two details from the celebration I forgot to mention:
1. The first thing the principal did when he got to the podium is have us all stand up, turn the the person next to us, hug them and say "I love you". Mark was in front of me and I wanted to hug him, but he got swarmed. Steve Fox was next to me, so he got the hug.
2. Her brother, just before it was time to leave, had us stand up and sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Carolyn was a rabid SF Giants fan and sang that at the 7th inning break many many times.
2.5. Mark put on dance music and asked us to dance our way out, as Carolyn would have done.

Up at 4:45 - 5:45 PDT - after the pit stop I went around the house changing all the clocks. Some of them have DT-ST switches, some don't.

Back to bed, stayed there till 10. Amazon delivered a wireless charging stand, but contrary to the specs online it did not have a C connector on the base. The last one was DOA.**

Watched some football. Packed the fried onions into storage containers and put them in the fridge. No lunch*, but I snacked on wheat thins slathered with goat milk cream cheese.

3-ish the first NFL game was over, I drove to the massage place because it has been a while. Did not get one of the better therapists.

Home, saw an ad that the Nissan Leaf now gets 150 miles per charge, that puts it into the feasible range for me, so I placed an inquiry online, and got an answer from the local dealer about leasing one. Much less expensive than the Ford, and way less than the Bolt last time I checked.

Dilemma, though. My lease on the Ford lasts through January. My current job lasts through the first week of December. Not sure I would be approved for a lease while unemployed.

Got a bite on my Rehome ad for Spot. A fellow asking how old he is (the site only has age ranges). Sounds like it may be a match.

Poured the used oil back into the original bottles (2.5 of them) through a funnel with a paper towel filter. Broke down the fryer, put the oil bin & basket into the dishwasher along with two bowls and utensils used to make the onions, and the usual glasses and flatware.

That done, *I ate the last piece of peach cobbler for lunch, and put the bake pan into the next load of dishes, along with the Cuisinart pieces. And started making the mango cobbler. Had the batter done, then the mangoes and sugar with lime juice bubbling on the stove, and the oven heated to 375, but it was almost 2 hours before the dishwasher was finished.

Watched the Patriots/Green Bay game while I waited.  Somewhere in there I shut off the oven and the burner.

The good news is when the pan was finished, it was hot enough to melt most of the butter.

Reheated the mango mix , melted the butter in the pan the rest of the way, poured in the batter and then the mango mix and fired up the oven. 40 minutes later I had a beautiful cobbler.

**Went onto Amazon and got an RMA for the two charging stands and a shirt which arrived late. They all fit into a small box, and I'll use the UPS-will-print option.

Snacked on some ham slices, and a couple of popsicles. Last night I set two popsicles (they are packed in pairs) onto the printer/scanner top, expecting to eat them as I typed, but they were still there - melted and useless - this morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Sunnyvale Ford, ask what to do about missing car body parts. Not sure if they have a body shop or if they send work out, or if I'm on my own.
Can't do nails and the UPS store - not enough time. Will ship the RMAs Tuesday. After voting.

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