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Sick Transit Monday

The time change messed me up. I miscalculated that there would be more sunlight at the end of the day, but it's at the start of the day. Woke up at 4, then 5:30, then 7. Did stuff on the tablet till the alarm at 7:30, and it was normal time from there.

AG also was affected, he rang me at 8:15, I called him back at 8:30. He has started working with his new team but he spent half the call complaining about his previous boss. He is still waiting for an offer from the small IPO-ed company.

Got to work 15 minutes early, but spent it talking the AG, telling him about Saturday's Celebration of Life.

Called the local Ford shop, they called back and made an appointment for me for tomorrow at 10 am.

Got a call from a recruiter for a contract at Samsung, testing voice recognition. I have most of the qualifications. Could hardly hear him, because he was on speakerphone, probably holding his phone like a pizza. Irony is this was for an audio testing job.

Lunch was a Safeway chef's salad, again a challenge opening the well-sealed tiny container of sliced black olives.  Mango cobbler did not turn out as good as the peach cobbler did, and neither of them was a proper cobbler. The topping for this one turned out like cake - I mixed it too well. So what I got was a delicious mango upside-down cake. Lovely, but not what I was aiming for. I have peaches, and will try again with a real crunchy top recipe.

Late in the day they finally gave me the new build for the soundbar, and miracle of miracles, all the audio artifacts have been cured. Well, I still have a few more tests to run, but I think they are all related. It did not fix a couple of other issues, but those are more about the test being wrong for a soundbar.

Stayed a few minutes late to finish a failing test, which got me to my manicure appointment right on time, but she was still working with a customer so it was a 10 minute wait. Two weeks she already had someone booked so we'll do it 2 weeks from tomorrow. One more session and I'll be done at Google and probably will go back to someplace closer to home. Or my new job if I have one. Traffic in the area is too miserable to go there during rush hour unless it's on the way home.

Traffic home was bad, first thing I did was put all the stuff in the hatchback into the grocery divider unit and park it in the shed. And then grab my lunchbox & tablet out. Windexed the inside and outside of the windshield and hatchback glass, something I keep putting off. The residue finally got to me. The sun is low in the sky, so it shows up more.

In the mail was my annual insurance statement for the house, which is paid out of escrow.  So are my property taxes. Also under separate cover was my completed refinance paperwork, which was supposed to have been sent to me a month ago.

Delivered at the front door was the new microwave and a very heavy box from Amazon with Grinch advertising. I hate those movies, they send the wrong message. Christmas is a lie. I hate all of those Christmassy plays. Though I get a kick out of knowing that a Jew wrote White Christmas. The box contained half a dozen bottles of Old Spice body wash. I tried Irish Spring, but it was a FAIL.

Also at the front door was the package OnTrac was supposed to pick up from the steps and deliver to #73. I'll call them again tomorrow.

Unplugged the current microwave and set it aside - it will be recycled at the SmartStation along with an old Cuisinart base, an electric knife sharpener and a lot of dead batteries. Saturday probably. Had to removed the four slices of rye bread first.

Made up two chopped liver and carbonized onion sandwiches with too much schmaltz, and heated those in the new microwave. It was a chore unpacking the thing - box within a box within a box. It's the same volume as the old one, but the turntable is a lot smaller. Maybe the chamber is taller. It has a weird blue LED light when you open it.

One feature I don't like is the 1-3 buttons are express 1, 2 and 3-minute buttons, it's an extra step to do a 1:30 2:45 or 3:15 timed cook. It does have sensor reheat, my favorite. It's black instead of white so won't show dirt as much.

Caught the last 3 minutes of MNF. Not a game I was interested in, but a cliffhanger ending.

Watched PTI and Doctor Who. I am liking the latter less and less. The writing is getting worse, as is the directing and acting. They finally chose a non-USA-centric theme, but their pro-feminist message was close to over the top. It's great that they are finally giving women major roles, but the pregnant man was a bit much.

As I write this, Spot is on top of the office cat tree and Spook is on top of the kitchen one. Spook pooped on the teleporter rug again, so I pulled it away and put the piano room litterbox there. It needed changing anyway. I hope she uses it this time. Speaking of teleporters, Spot seems to have one. He was asleep in the office one second and before I got to the laundry room to get out another litterbox cartridge he was by the door yelling to get out. Which he doesn't get to.

I streamed my ride home, the audio was a lot better. I'm streaming now but nobody stayed long enough to chat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Restore my Facebook account after the CA polls close.

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