Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Men of Steel

Remembered to turn on the TV when I got home and saw the Steelers clobber the Jaguars. It was a clinic. 52-21.

Last night I lit the pilot light in the furnace and made sure the electric switch was on. This morning my Nest thermostat was lit up like it was trying to heat the building, but the furnace was not fired up. Did not see where the problem was, so flipped the breaker on and off, which reset the Nest, and it did a 2-minute countdown and then the furnace came on.

Up early, out of bed not early. AG called twice before I was in my car, called him back and he gave me the news that as soon as the other company's offer is final he will give his notice. They have set an 11/26 start date for him. Turns out his new team at Amazon is strictly manual testing, and he is a brilliant automation coder. They insisted on him being grilled for his coding skills to get this job but now there's no call for what he does best. And he also realized that he has been using the other company's products successfully for a year.

Did some troubleshooting on a device. Turns out the TV Boss suggested I use is the wrong one, and I don't have the right one. Tall engineer gave NP one toward the end of the day.
Finally got the new build at 5 pm, had just enough time to confirm they did not break lip sync again. Tomorrow I'll do a full run of audio tests.

Lunch was a Safeway Chef salad and my mango upside down cake. I'll finish the cake tomorrow and make a real cobbler with crumbly topping over the weekend.

Traffic was miserable. Home, nothing delivered. Birthday card from my youngest sister in the mail, she hand drew the envelope to mimic envelopes I used to send. A GF had sent me a letter with a mailbox drawn on it for the To: space and a sign post for the From: space, and I took the design, whited out the addresses and had a printing company make me 100 of them. That was in the 70's. I have long since run out of them. And I have long since not snailmailed letters, hardly ever. That particular sister is a good artist. That particular GF went on to be an artist who drew illustrations of flowers for museums.

Did not watch any Tivo.

Streamed my ride home and got several followers chatting from the storm chasers group.

Dinner was a ham & bleu cheese salad from work. And mochi.

Went around the house gathering things for 1-900-got-junk's visit Saturday. Have to call them tomorrow and let them know that in addition to the stuff in the guest room, there's the old microwave, 7 cat beds, three baby gates, three bathroom scales, a corner table, and an umbrella & stand. They won't take Spot. But I can ask...

The plan for Saturday is to shut the cats in the bedroom, and when the junk is gone set up the guest room as Spot's internment camp.  He's been there before. I'll move one litterbox, a food tower and a water fountain in there. And maybe the short cat tree he's been sleeping on in the bedroom. And some toys. Spook pooped in the livingroom again, between the windows and the plant stand. Spot has been chasing her relentlessly. I posted him on another adoption site tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the body shop - ETA for my repair
Call Got Junk - add items to the list
Fill out time sheet
Catch up on PTI and Graham Norton

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