Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Smoke Test

This morning there was dense smoke - not smog - smelled like 1,000 house fires. Turns out it was flowing down the valley from Butte county and was the smoke from about 27,000 people's homes and businesses.

I don't understand how entire towns get wiped out by fire - this has happened three or four times this year, in places people mostly move to to get away from high rents. And building codes. And professional fire departments.
At work on time, got right down to running audio tests on the new build. After running a couple, my phone reminded me to call the body shop, and they had the part they just forgot to call me. So I drove out there and left it. Needed a restroom, so peeked into a Subway shop half a block away but they didn't have one for customers, so I walked across the street to In-and-Out burger and used theirs. The sign on the front door said they opened at 10:30 and it was only 10:15, but they were open. I got an order of fries and a chocolate shake, and sat down to kill time waiting for the car. Lame fries - thin and soggy. Chocolate shake had no chocolate in it. Walked back to the body shop and they still were working on it - hung out in their office for another half hour while they searched for screws and clips to attach the part. They finally got it done, labor was $65. A bargain.  

Back to Google.

Was most of the way through the audio tests when I found two that failed. Basically the same test, just using a slightly different audio format. Filed bugs on those. Tall Manager was confused again when he saw. I had NP listen and confirm the bug. Chinese engineers gave Tall manager a work-around, but it only fixed two of the four formats. Pisses me off, because it means another build and another round of tests. These tests passed last build. They boosted the audio levels and I think that helped cause the problem.

Called Got Junk and added a bunch of things to the list.

Lunch was a Safeway Cobb Salad & the last of the mango upside-down cake.

Stayed till 6:30 to make up for the body shop trip, and to finish the audio tests and start down the rest of the list.

Need to train NP and NNP on the AV receiver.

Streamed my ride home, had one midwestern chat friend pop in. Am streaming now, have had two chatters but they are gone now. 

Home, nothing delivered or in the mail worth reading.

Watched PTI and Who's The One? Final episode, they needed to go for 4 matches to 11 in order to win a million bucks and leave with their matches. In the end there were 9 matches, and then suddenly the last two lit up. Phony as all get out. At least two of the women knew they were not the match for the person the program said. But it made for an unexpected sudden happy ending, so lots of champagne showers. I think maybe two of those couples will make it in the real world.

Dinner was pasta shells & bow ties with bacon snippets, American & Swiss cheese with olive oil, oregano, black pepper and thyme. One scoop of chocolate ice cream & some walnuts for dessert. And an egg nog chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
GOTJUNK arrives between 9:30-11 am. Shut the cats in the bedroom when they arrive
1 pm Sunnyvale Nissan, look at a leaf and talk lease $$
Maybe visit a chevy dealer and look at a Bolt too. Maybe.
Cabaret at Sunnyvale theater??? Maybe.

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