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Busy morning. Did 2 loads of laundry & put them away. Lots of Hawaiian shirts still need ironing.

Junk guy called at 9 that he would be here toward the end of the 9:30-11 window.

Filled the hummingbird feeders. Emptied the stuff out of the big ugly TV stand. Watched college football.

10:30 junk guys arrived. They saved the futon for last. If I had known it would not fit out the guest room door I would have removed the side pieces, but before I could stop them they just broke them off. It was being junked, but it could have been sold/recycled if they hadn't busted it.

Their rates have gone way up since the last time I used them.

As soon as they were done, I set up the now former guest room (it's really my library) with a litterbox, food tower and water fountain, and carried Spot from the bedroom where he had been deposited to keep out from under the junk guys' feet, to what is now his room. Shut the door.

Added a scratching post, toys and his favorite under the window platform from the livingroom. The library window looks out on #8's carport garden. Neighbors are out there a lot, so he'll have something to look at.

The webcam which was in there died, I had a spare but it's the wrong model. I'll have to order another of the right one. The new model can't be seen from my web page, and it isn't supported correctly by my phone app. It's also 16:9 and the others are 4:3.

Spook was totally spooked by the junk guys. She curled up inside the house section of the kitchen cat tree and shut the world out till about 7:30, when she came down and meowed for treats. She is back up on the top tier of the tree now, more normal.

I changed the cartridge in the laundry room litterbox, I hope she uses it.

12:50 pm I headed to Sunnyvale Nissan, I had emailed the salesperson I was coming around 1. It took 20 minutes - slow traffic and lots of stop lights. But he was not in today. His email said he would be. A grey haired Indian guy named Suresh showed me a car. 2018 model - he said the 2019s won't be in till March. But as he went to get the key, I checked and they had 6 2019 cars on the lot. I pointed that out to him and he said that they won't have the 2019s with the extended range till March. These only get 150 miles. I did not point out that's better than the 100 they got in 2017.

He was not very enthusiastic, and frankly the features he showed me were ones I wasn't too interested in except the all-around camera system. I didn't want to take it for a test drive, which surprised him. If I get a Leaf it won't be from that dealership.

Home, put a few more goodies in Spot's room. He has moved into the closet. Opened it himself.

Found a more cobbler-like recipe and baked a peach cobbler. Would have been better if I had used fresh peaches instead of week-old, but baking goes a long way to equalize that.

Had some brie on wheat thins as an appetizer, but the brie was bland. Fried a couple of roti to go with chopped liver & fried onions for dinner, but the chopped liver had turned so all I had was the roti and some of the onions. Had to disposal half a container of chopped liver. Boo hiss.

Watched some more football. Started up my stream on Twitch and have a bunch of people chatting after being on for an hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
Meet Janice for coffee
Safeway for salads and microwave lunches
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