Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Small Victories

Woke up at 6:30 to Spot yelling. Easily heard through the door to the room formerly known as Guest. Now that there is no futon, and no guests expected, it's back to being the library. Went back to bed and finally got up and out around 10:30. No plans till 4.

Watched some football, but the game I wanted to see was blacked out here. Or rather, not offered on any Comcast extended basic channel.

Lunch was ramen, a matzo ball and two pieces of fried chicken in a bowl of chicken flavored ramen water. I have to watch my water intake, so I ate the noodles, matzo ball and chicken but poured out the soup.

Got to Starbucks Pear Ave at 3, read more of Amy Tam's autobiography, this section was really poignant. The woman is a walking bucket of paranoias. When she was in grade school, someone pulled her out of class and gave her a series of reading tests, and this person continued to do this once a year even though Amy changed schools often - sometimes long distances. Let's call this person D. D came to her house and interviewed her parents, who lied about Amy's reading skills - said they had no idea how she learned to read pre-kindergarten). Her parents also told her that D said she had excellent math skills, and she should be a doctor. A brain surgeon.  

Amy's older brother and father died from brain cancer not long after that.

This messed up Amy quite a bit, she failed out of pre-med, and eventually became a linguist and writer. While writing this book Amy looked up D, found the thesis which D wrote which mentioned her (name changed to protect the innocent) and the parental interview, where all the lies came out, and then did some sleuthing, found D's current phone number and called her. D was old but lucid, and said that at no time did she say Amy had math skills or should become a doctor - all she was researching was early readers, and she would have mentioned that Amy had poor reading skills at first, but developed better than average skills by the end of the test. She was upset that Amy's parents had said what they did.

Janice showed up at 4, we chatted till 5:50 when it was time for her to go to her AA meeting. She has been doing those more often since she broke her shoulder and needed sleeping pills. She's off the sleeping pills, though.

Home, did not stop for groceries, I think I have more than enough.

This week was a collect all the garbage from all the bins in the house except the bedroom, and there were already two litterbox cartridges in there. Also had enough to recycle, so two bins wheeled out. And the microwave box was a major PIA to break down and bundle for recycling.

I took a look out behind the shed and saw a pile of things I forgot to have the junk guys haul away. But it's all small-ish, it will fit in the car.

Janice wanted to see Cabaret, so I bought tickets for Saturday night.

Watched the Raiders lose again, and the Eagles-Dallas game till halftime. Boring game.

Dinner was pulled beef BBQ on rice and steamed pork buns, peach crisp (crumble) for dessert.

No Tivo shows - Dr. Who is recorded for the future.

Spook checked out Spot's door, and has been taking more of the house back. She used the litterbox for the first time in a week. The food bowl is full now that Spot is not planting his face in it, but she prefers treats.

Plans for tomorrow:


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