Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost Done

Up on time, Spot was yelling from about 6 am on, I ignored him. Spook was out and about, pooped in the livingroom again, so no treats for her.

AG phoned three times while I was lallygagging , so I phoned him from the car at about 9. He is telling his manager goodbye.

Went through all the open tests, most of them passed. Double-checked the "inconsistent" ones and the failed ones.

Lunch was a small bowl of chopped liver and onions.

Found some tests I'd missed. Toward the end of the day NP came by and we compared notes, she does the official wrap up.  We found two more tests to run, and I was already doing the overnight test.

Got email finally from my contract rep to meet her at 10 am down the block from my old lab. Told Boss and she aid she hoped I found something else at Google. She forgot that I can't work for Google again for 6 months. I have to ask my rep if it's really 6 months. But it's pretty insulting that Boss clearly doesn't want me back.

Plugged in the car at 4:30, headed home at 5:45. Regular insulin in cold pack on the carport steps. Monthly mortgage statement in the mail.

Watched two episodes of PTI and the latest Doctor Who. Finally they stopped focusing on America. This one takes them to Pakistan the day it was sliced off from India. Yaz's grandma is the central character. It's pretty forced, brother against brother, which there probably was not a lot of IRL.

Ran my Twitch stream, many chatters tonight. Only had to ban one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meet with contract rep
More work

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