Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Home again and again and again

Up early, out early but there was a huge crash at the next exit, all kinds of flashing lights, so I didn't get to work early.

Tried to run the last two tests, but the test server was down. 9:45 got in the car and drove to my old work complex for a 10 o'clock meeting with my two contract reps, but my tummy told me to go back to the building with the restroom first, and I did not quite make it in time. Cleaned up as best I could what with the restroom being flooded. The meeting was outside so no worries about residual smell.

It was a good meeting, they answered my main question: yes, Google will not hire me back on a contract for 6 months. And they will look for jobs in their database which I may fit at other companies. I gave them some canned food for their drive, and they gave me some really cheap swag.

That only took 15 minutes so I drove home, took a shower & changed and was back at work about the same time I'd planned to be.

Tried to run the tests again, six or seven tries later the server came back online and the tests passed. The one I ran overnight had passed.

Lunch was beef & grains frozen lunch and peach crisp.

Not much to do for work after that, have a set top box to test but can't start on it till the soundbar is 100%.

NP came in with an ethernet dongle for the Mac, but we couldn't get it to work. It worked for me about a year and a half ago, but then I gave her that laptop when she joined us.

And I bored her with tales of cobblers, crisps and crumbles.

Left at 5:30. Home, no mail, nothing delivered. Put the grocery bag divider with all the grocery bags back into the hatchback. I'd taken it out to have the body work done - turns out I didn't need to. Quick pit stop then back in the car and off to Grocery Outlet for crumble fixings. Bought frozen peach slices, frozen mango chunks, two cans of apricot halves, brown sugar, butter, and two pairs of 10x8 disposable aluminum pans with plastic covers. Perfect for The Plan. Also bought grapes, strawberries and a frozen philly cheesteak thing for lunch.

Home, watched PTI and Below Deck. The latter was a disappointment, I was expecting heads to roll, but they left that hanging for next week. Was going to watch Long Lost Lives but wanted to stream and get my journal written.

Tivo watching was done in between making fruit crumble. Put the mango, peach and apricot bits into my big sauce pan with 2 cups of white sugar and let that simmer on low for half an hour. Mixed the brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, melted butter and flour in a bowl (tripled the recipe) to make the crumble topping. 350° for 40 minutes. I didn't make quite enough topping but it looks and smells good.

Tomorrow morning I'll put the lids on and bring them to work. It's for my birthday, but I won't advertise that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Crumbles to work
Grab some bowls & knives & spoons & napkins from the break room
Ask NP where to put them
See if anyone figures out it's my birthday (Boss may know)
Maybe take myself out for lobster in downtown MV

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