Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stealth Natal Day

Up early, ducked into Spot's room, topped up his water fountain. Out on time, at work 5 minutes late.

Brought the two fruit crumbles in, grabbed bowls and flatware and napkins from the break room and set both pans on top of a low cabinet near Boss' desk. NP and NNP also sit there. Despite there being many visitors, only a tiny bit was eaten. Bummer.

Mostly just checked the news and watched live streams on Twitch.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer, no dessert. I grabbed some crumble when NP messaged me to join the crowd at her desk who were inconsiderately running audio tests which attracted lots of annoyed engineers. This testing is why they set me up in an office with a door. Boss doesn't care anymore.

NP came into my lab to double check those tests and we got one to fail, and two others passed. Progress.

4:30, took the untouched crumble into the main break room and went outside to plug in my car. The smoke from the northern fires was thick as fog. Didn't smell as bad as it had. But humidity was high which made it feel heavy.

5:50 out the door with the barely eaten crumble, the one in the break room only had one piece left. It is probably gone by now.

Home by back roads, no mail, no deliveries.

Fired up Tivo and watched an episode of Long Lost Lives, this one took a lot of cold calls and leg work to find the families. One woman searching for her son, another for her dad.

7:30 or so, got back in the car and headed for Big T's Seafood, which I'd found on Yelp. They advertised Maine Lobster and lots of other shellfish. You choose the item, the sauce and the way it is cooked. So I ordered Maine Lobster in garlic butter sauce steamed.

Waitress was cute but scattered, I had to get my own fork & shell cracker. It got noisy when a gang of blue collar workers came in for beer and fries and to watch the basketball game. This used to be a sports bar, and they had big TVs all over the place. The Seahawks game was on the screen in front of me, and I watched them not give it away to the Packers for a change.

The lobster arrived in a reasonable time, but the tail was overcooked and chewy. The claw meat was excellent. The garlic sauce was more like soup than sauce and the whole thing was served in a Vietnamese pho bowl 1/4 filled with the garlic butter soup. It was messy.

The price was a little high, but they gave me a 15% discount for checking in on Yelp. So I gave a 15% tip.

The garlic bread I'd ordered was also not very good. Left most of it.

Home, watched PTI and had a couple of mochi for dessert.

Streaming now, have people from Canada, Mexico, upstate NY chatting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe start a new project

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