Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Last Day of the Week

Up early, out early but it was all for nothing because there was a huge accident on 101 just past Shoreline which reduced 6 lanes to one lane. The good news is the Shoreline exit, which is usually a long slow line of 4 lanes merging into each other was totally clear, so I took it and still got to work early, but not by much.

Once again nothing to do. Lunch was messed up because a team of inconsiderate cretins decided to set up a video shoot in the break room during lunchtime. Some advertising thing which had nothing to do with our group. They set up between the pool table and the ping pong table, and took over the whole place for 4 hours. No warning.  When they finally started actually shooting at about 2:30 they unplugged all the fridges and coffee machines. They were still cleaning up after themselves when I left at 6.

After lunch I gave up on anything new coming for the sound bar so I hooked up a set top box which is my next project. Also watched a lot of storm chasers on their way to the midwest chasercon in Indianapolis.  And there is a stream from a couple of blondes in San Diego who were buying clothes and getting ready for one of them going on a date at 7.

Home, back roads were pretty light, lots of people stayed home because of the smoke. Many schools closed, some events canceled.

Delivered was the replacement webcam, which I set up and put into Spot's room to replace the spare. Now you can see it again on my web site.

Dinner was baked chicken thigh & drumstick on rice. The chicken was dry so I made some bullion to pour over it. Watched PTI, set up my Twitch stream, and watched the date on Twitch. Handsome guy, the blonde was wearing a dress which showed a lot of her endowments - shoestring laces criss-crossed in front. Very sexy.  Then back to the livingroom to polish off the last piece of the peach crisp. Watched the wrap-up of Are You The One?  on MTV. Bottom line is maybe one of the 11 couples are still together. Three or four had been hiding the fact that they had an SO back home. MTV got played. One guy seduced five or six women from previous seasons (this was season 7).

Spook has been playing with her toys, lying on the sheepskin rug as I watched TV, ran up the office cat tree and back down. Spot is not enjoying his confinement. He's getting fatter. I wish I could let him out to exercise more, but he would just mess with Spook again. Last night I put the litterbox where Spook had been pooping, and she has been using it. Yay.

Got email from someone who works at a college in SF asking about Spot. I invited him to call and come over, but he didn't call, and emailed he was booked this weekend. We'll see...

Plans for tomorrow:
Tempted to get a lobster from 99 Ranch market.
Meet Janice at 6 for dinner and then see Cabaret at Sunnyvale with her. Frankly, that's not a show I think she needs right now.

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