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Short because it's tired and I'm getting late

Checked in on Spot, he is getting too fat. Not enough exercise. He's not happy being shut in alone, but that's the way it goes. When I opened the door, Spook was there. She ran away.

She continues to use the litterbox now that it's in the livingroom. She also is back to sitting on the floor in front of me when I watch TV.

Went to the MV 99Ranch and bought all the things. They had lamyay and ngaw and frozen ha gow. I had them steam a small Maine lobster for me, while that was being cooked I bought half a roast duck and a half pound of honey BQ pork. Looked for cans of Thai tea but did not find any. Bought three sesame balls (aka fat bombs).

Home, lobster for lunch. Spook stared at me, so I gave her a small piece. She won't take it out of my hand but as soon as I put it on the floor she vacuums it up.

Logged onto eBay and put my Huawei Honor 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 phones up for sale. They've been on my desk for 6 months.

5:30, drove to the Sunnyvale theater, Janice showed up at 6, we walked to the Bon Chon Korean place and had their excellent fried chicken. 15 minute wait for a table.

Back to the theater, they wouldn't let us wait in the lobby before 7:30. No reason for that. Especially with the smoke and the cold.

Their production of Cabaret was whacked. They cast a woman as the MC but kept the lyrics the same (the lyrics make the MC very male, very hetero). They cut one number and added one from the movie. Instead of the band being on stage and mostly women plus men in drag, they were behind a screen, so the "even the orchestra is beautiful" line made no sense. They replaced the on stage band with a troop of dancers who can't sing. As usual, the set was static, minimum bits of furniture were taken on and off. The telephone scene was done with a single table, and two callers sitting on the steps.

The choreography was horrible. Sally's voice was so bad I thought her mic was malfunctioning, but it was her. Her Schultz sang in a forced operatic voice - beautiful voice but not for a musicals character part. Fraulein Schneider, who is IRL an old friend from theater and sci-fi fandom, knocked it out of the park.

The second act was all scare tactics. The production was all about making Hitler's rise look like Trump's. The MC even read a message to that effect after the curtain call. I did not appreciate the misplaced fear tactics. The director added a lot of angst which was not in the script. 

Janice left at intermission. I wanted to, but needed to talk to three friends in the cast after the show who had done well.

Home, finished the chicken wings I hadn't eaten at the restaurant. Polished off about half a pound of lamyay.

Watched a short teaser from the Oak Island series, where they are told their 2 rubies are garnet and glass. But old garnet and glass.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off #73's package
Watch football
Take out the garbage

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