Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This One's going to be short

Did not set an alarm, woke up at 9. Checked in on Spot after I was up and dressed, installed an air quality app and saw that going outside was not something to do much of today. 160 AQI.

Someone from Azerbaijan bid on a phone I was selling on eBay. I don't sell outside of the USA (it says so on the auction info) so I nuked his bid.

Watched some football. Snacked on BBQ pork and followed some storm chasers coming back from their Indiana convention.

Tivo catching up included Mysteries at the Museum and Graham Norton, two episodes each, and almost real-time Raiders game (they won, for a change) and Bears game (they won as usual).

Got outside twice - once to take out the garbage and chat with neighbors and once to deliver that package which OnTrac has failed for more than a month to pick up and bring to the right address. I bet now she has two of whatever.

Delivered was a motion sensor for one which I thought was defective, but it seems the hub's automation is what's wrong.

Dinner was also snack-ish. Chopped liver and onions followed by a few pieces of BBQ pork, and lamyay. Snacked on Ngaw as I watched the second football game.

Now I'm streaming & chatting.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA??? Nails appointment is Tuesday this week

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