Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Impulse Buy Regret Reversed

Just before bed time I looked up the weather for Grand Junction, CO since I'd booked a trip a little earlier. The forecast was for freezing temps and precip all week. Not good for walking around a town taking photos.  Woke up at 4 am, fired up the PC and canceled the hotel & train reservations.

Tried to reserve a weekend in Santa Barbara, and was able to get there, but there were no seats available for the return trip Sunday or Monday.

Got about another hours of sleep,  but it was not enough. Tylenol helped.

AG phoned, he did not take the offer at the small company. When he told his {new} manager he was leaving, manager got him a raise to the level he was being offered by the other company, and told him he was brought on board to build an automation framework for the team.

Was dead tired all day at work, not enough sleep and drained from the non-vacation planning. Good thing it was easy testing - playing YouTube clips for 3 hours at a stretch. Watched some live streams on Twitch. Read all the news. Facebooked. Admired from afar a cute new contractor with the most beautiful hair.

Lunch was a rice bowl with chicken to which I added some BBQ pork. Fruit crumble for dessert. Rambutan and Longans for a snack.

Plugged in the car at 4:30, parking lot was practically empty.

Left at 5:30, but no traffic so was way early at the nails place. Went without color this time, and am disappointed that the clear coat isn't shiny.

Home. Delivered were a new pair of computer glasses - my ones at work are scratched too much to keep clean.

Crashed. Took a nap for 90 minutes.

Dinner was ha gow and shrimp egg rolls. Fruit crumble for dessert and shortbread cookies.

Streaming as I write. Lots of idiots tonight. Thai man poked his head in for a few minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
5:30 Meet Janice or chat @ Starbucks

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