Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Humping Right Along

Up at 4 am again, but back to bed shortly. Up again a little before the alarm. It was raining, just a drizzle. It looked like Seattle out there. The good news i the air quality is now in the green. Looks like we're having rain all week.

Email from my contract handler that I only get Thursday as a paid holiday, which contradicts the newsletter she sent, I think. So I asked for sick pay for Friday.

Wrapped up YouTube testing on the latest set top box. Spent some time setting up the chatbot on my Twitch page. Storm chaser was on early - he had half the day off. He was online for maybe 2 hours, gave me something to do.

Lunch was the bacon & egg fried rice dish because I couldn't find a non-vegetarian rice bowl in the work fridge.** Longans for dessert.

Went online to research why my Samsung morion sensors were disconnecting, which led to ordering an Iris hub and another pair of Iris sensors. I already have one in the bedroom and laundry room - small and reliable. Also ordered 3 pairs of full frame reading glasses. The $39 ones were out of whack. Prescription didn't work.

Afternoon, NP and NNP came into the lab and I taught them all about how to use the surround sound receiver to test digital audio. I showed them on a known good TV, then they hauled in a 65" Sony Bravia, which they needed to test. At first there was no audio on the optical cable, while HDMI ARC worked fine. In the process of having NNP change audio cables, she found it wasn't plugged in all the way. Voila! Fixed. We ran through all the possible audio formats and it passed. They left the Sony in the lab - almost quitting time.

Plugged in the car at 4:30,  **after finding a chicken rice bowl at the back of the fridge - left at 5:30 for the nearest Starbucks, Janice was already there waiting. She only had water, there was no one at the register so I joined her without getting anything. So much for my birthday freebie.

Home via a very light traffic night on 101. Delivered was the Google wireless charging stand. Didn't work till I found and peeled off the plastic protecting the plug and the whole bottom of the unit. Much more plastic wasted than necessary.

In the mail was a hard cover pamphlet about the size of a memo pad from PG&E on way too much information about what to do in an emergency. Turns out they have killed lots of people in gas explosions, detonated transformers and downed power lines lately and this is their way of deflecting the blame.

Watched the latest Doctor Who. No PTI till next week. I'll keep watching DW out of habit. Jody is better than Cripaldi, and her companions are far better than his. I don't even talk about Matt Smith. There is some Oak Island waiting for me.

Programmed the kitchen food dispenser to only dole out a cup of kibble at 6 am and 6 pm, and put it in Spot's room. Took his out to the kitchen and filled it with Royal Canine, since Spook isn't thrilled with the Purina One. Washed out her water fountain and refilled it.

Pretty quiet on the streaming channel.

Plans for tomorrow:

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