Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Google tried to poison me tonight

I don't do Thanksgiving. Used to try, but the whole idea of giving thanks implies believing in a higher power who gives a crap, which I don't. It also reminds me of the horrible things the Christians did to the savages not very long after the famous feast. And while pilgrims came here for religious freedom, it was for freedom to make everyone practice as they did.
There was a lot of football to watch, some I watched from the bedroom in the new mini-tivo, some from the recliner in the livingroom.
Tomorrow has been dubbed Black Friday by the marketing cretins who don't know about The Great Depression. And fake news had cemented it in place. Green Friday would be a more accurate name. Or maybe Gold Friday.

Fake news is also propagating the name "amp Fire" for what should be called the Camp Creek Fire. My ex-Camp Fire Girl friends are distressed by that, as well they should be.
My youngest sister suggested I find the photo of my dad and his cousin on the beach as teenagers. I know the one she means.  I went into the library, petted Spot, and gathered the old photo albums. They have black paper, and labels are in white ink. I scanned in a lot of baby photos of me & my older sister. The album stops when I am 2 years old. But very revealing - it shows our first house, in Levittown, and there are shots of the parents at the house as it is being built. I had no idea. Also, we were living there before the lot had a lawn or a fence. I vaguely remember the house had heated floors. It's much larger than I remember. And I thought we only lived there for a year, but it looks like it was 3 years.

There's an album my two younger sisters put together for the parent's anniversary which is very nicely done, except the order of the photos is scrambled. I'll have to look again to see if the beach photo is in there. I did not see it on my first flip-through. I was amazed at how many photos of Mom & Dad's friends there were. Friends I did not recognize.

After football I watched Long Lost Lives. Tomorrow will be a major Tivo day.

It's also probably time to cut back the roses. But yesterday's rain brought out two new blooms, one of which is huge and on a plant I almost gave up for dead 6 months ago.

Lunch was ramen noodles with duck pieces. Dinner was the chicken rice bowl from work to which I added bits of BBQ pork. Had to pull out huge pieces of cauliflower. I hate that stuff. It's not a real vegetable. It's an alleged vegetable. There were at least 2 dozen pieces all in all. At least there was no kale.

Streamed for an hour, but not a lot of chatters, so I got bored and shut down an hour early.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe stay in all day
Maybe make a Costco run and a Ranch99 run

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