Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second T-Day

Up at 7:30 mostly because on a weekday the lights all come on, and I'd set the alarm. No real reason to be up on time.

Set up the ironing board, plugged in the iron and set it to "cotton" and then went to the kitchen for meds and Spook's treats. On the way back to the bedroom stopped in with Spot. On my way out Spook snuck in, and proceeded to curl up in a corner growling and hissing. I finally picked her up and tossed her out, and followed her out, leaving Spot where he was. He had not even looked at her. Maybe I'm giving away the wrong cat.

Except now she is more pettable, and she is back to planting herself within sight of me when I'm watching TV or on the computer.

Breakfast was a bacon and cheese omelet. Watched a couple of college football games. VA/Vtech. Iowa and someone else (Nebraska?). Mizzou vs. some team which didn't know how to score.

Grocery Outlet, thanks to an ad in FB, they had Scharffen-Berger chocolate in stock, I bought 18 1-oz bars of 82%, they didn't have the 3 oz ones I prefer. But $.99 each, so $3 for 3 oz, which are usually $4.50. Also bought apples (wanted canned apple pie filling but they had none), Shrimp tempura, chocolate mochi and Marie C's dutch apple cake, which is close to being a crumble. The place was practically empty. Customers were away buying hardware.

Home, put stuff away, transfered the load of shirts from the washer to the dryer which reminded me to iron my Hawaiian shirts, which I did. Watched Mysteries at the Museum while I ironed. Deleted the one about the Kennedy assassination.

Watched Below Deck. Once again the Captain put off setting the boson on fire and throwing him overboard. And the head stewardess put off doing the same to her singularly annoying eff-up of a #3.

Lunch was chopped liver & onions on rye, with mochi for dessert.

UW-WSU game on TV, watched over dinner (the last of the duck and some rice, slathered with schmaltz). Apple cake for dessert.

Took the shirts out of the dryer and ironed the Hawaiian ones from that load. Will hang them all up l8r.

Paused the game for that, and paused again at the end of the 3rd quarter when Tivo=Real Time.

Streamed for a couple of hours - good chat with about 20 people, as many as 11 at a time. Only had to ban 2 of them. Also had to relax my moderator bot's spam settings. Chatters from Sweden, Canada Australia, Brazil, Thailand and US.

After I write this I'll watch the end of the football game.

Plans for tomorrow:
Real weekend. It will probably still be raining.
Costco, maybe
Safeway, maybe
Tivo, probably.
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