Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I was okay until the movie

Up early, out of bed late because I had no real plans.

Boxed up & labeled the two eBay phones, used a lot of foam peanuts because I had them, and in their original boxes they don't fit in a small flat rate priority mail box, so I had to use mediums.

Set up the Iris hub, but it didn't work because it was used and had already been registered by someone else, so I got an RMA from Amazon, boxed it back up and slapped a label on it for an Amazon locker pickup.

FFed through the 49ers and Raiders games. They both lost. Again.

Streamed for an hour, good conversations, not many trolls.

3:30 drove to MV and put the RMA in a locker, then drove to Janice's. I had told her I wanted to see A Star is Born (she gave me a choice of that and Solo) but she got tickets for Solo. I thought it was the Star Wars Han Solo movie, so I didn't object. We drove to the new theater, walked to Starbucks and chatted for 90 minutes, then walked back to the brand new Icon cinema. Way too many employees on duty, had the effect of blocking traffic, but they were eager to let the customers know what a neat place it was. Janice insisted on seeing the VIP room, bar and restaurant. It was meh, and way too high priced.

Turns out the movie was about a guy who does solo rock climbs, no rope or other equipment. National Geographic documentary but the film crew was not NG quality. The video was low resolution and the audio was mostly distorted. The music was oppressive. The recliners were comfy, at least. Janice did not notice that I kept my eyes closed for most of it. Lots of vertigo-inducing shots, horribly choppy editing, and it was painful to watch what gorgeous scenery they showed from ground level because it was shot on cheap film.
I almost got sick, the couple to my left snuck in their own dinner, and it smelled awful. Korean maybe. I should have used that as an excuse to wait outside.

After the movie I avoided saying anything, except how cute his girlfriend was. There was nothing else in the movie I liked. At all. She loved it, she spends a lot of time at Yosemite and hikes a lot.

Stopped off at Safeway, bought next week's frozen lunches and three kinds of Red Bull to try. And Elmer's glue. Forgot to get gallon ziplock bags. Passed up a 2-layer Black Forest cake. $17 saved.

Home, plugged in the car - it had run out of electric charge, which surprised me.

Took out the garbage, had some chicken soup for dinner, baklava for dessert.

FFed through the Vikings-Packers game. Minnesota won.

Streamed for an hour. Lots of trolls, but also lots of good chatting.

And here I am. Watching a storm chaser driving in the snow in IN & IL.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up & out on time
PO, drop off 2 packages

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